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Utah here I come

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Hi everyone, I'm making my first ski trip out west next week.
Here in New England the conditions have been fantastic, Right now we're getting a blizzard.

I'll be in SLC UT Feb28 - March9. My buddy and I will definately be hitting Alta. Any locals want to show a couple of easterns the way of the west?

Thanks in Advance,
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Welcome, fellow Bostonian! Care to meet up for a few turns on Beacon Hill? 14 inches, wasted on a CITY!

Anyway, think about re posting this in Meet On The Hill Planning. Our Utah locals took EXCELLENT care of us during the academy/gathering.
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Thanks for the advice. I actually live on the NorthShore otherwise I'd be out there on the B'Hill with you. This snow is perfect.

take care
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How about some recommendations of what to hit at Alta?
We usually stick to the trees in NE but I'm really excited to hit the wide open bowls out west with a possible guided hike.
Any help would be appreciated...I'll even buy a round of beer. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Catherine's Area is good (and most skiers could make it through there)
then there's
Devil's Castle (?)
Glory Hole

When you get there you'll see many of the off-piste areas from the lifts.

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