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Face Mask

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I currently have a windblock gator that I love but on nasty cold and snowing days my cheeks and nose get really cold.

I just picked up a Seirus small mask as I already have a gator and a thin skull cap to go under my helmet. The combo gator/masks are all too thick and my helmet is warm enough for my head and ears most of the time.

I figure it is better to have all three to use depending on the weather.

Last year at Tremblant was the first time I was exposed to really nasty cold weather. Based on my outings so far this year I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.

What do you guys use?
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I gave up the mask idea as they are too entirely prone to
a) freezing up around the vent holes. this spells disaster for the mask if that area is fleece.
b) ducting breath into your goggles and fogging them up.

I use a sub-$5 fleece moustache that sticks onto the goggle foam and a Windblock fleece gaiter. During a (balmy) -25C/-13F in a blizzard at MSA, the boots,radio,and bindings were frozen but I had no fogging and no face problems.
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