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My recent trip to Utah

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Just got back from 4 days in Park City. Only skied two days d/t I was very sore after those 2 days! First day at PC was OK, not alot of runs open but enough to get the payday and bonanza lifts going. Thin in some areas, my brand new skis had a few scratches on them. This was my first time skiing PC and I wasn't really impressed. Not because of the few runs open, it just didn't seem very inspiring on the slopes at PCMR. It was average, better than a bad day skiing in the east but nothing compared to DV which is where I spent the second day.

Opening day at DV $50 lift tickets which is the same amt paid for PCMR the day before. Much better value than PCMR, I would have paid the full price for the chance to ski on the groomers at DV. The fact that boarders aren't allowed is a bonus! Sorry boarders, just my opinion. I know you are not all bad but I much prefer the resorts that don't allow boarders. (When I move to SLC I'm getting a season pass at DV or Alta, even though it's alot more $$$ than PCMR, I wonder if the resorts hire nurses???)

DV had plenty of machine made snow, no thin spots noted on the runs I spent the day on, grooming was excellent as always, and it was a great day on the slopes. The blacks weren't open but I don't do them anyway so that didn't matter to me. I skied alone the whole day and had a wonderful time.

TR, tried to locate you several times but kept missing you. Lunch break, switched lifts, etc! Maybe next time. Spent the whole day on Flagstaff mtn. By the end of the day my legs hurt sooooo bad I had to take the lift down to the Snow Park Lodge. Wanted to ski Sunday at DV also but knew my legs wouldn't hold time dammit, I'm going to get in better shape. Yeah, yeah, yeah. :
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Glad you had a good time! Maybe next time we can get a bit of snow on the slopes for you...
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Originally posted by Cheryl:
(When I move to SLC I'm getting a season pass at DV or Alta, even though it's alot more $$$ than PCMR, I wonder if the resorts hire nurses???)
DV passes (midweek at least) about the same if not cheaper than PMRC, IIRC. Canyons you get to ski Sunday as well..
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Even though I'm a reformed skier and now I'm just an old boarder, I'm glad you had a good time. When I skied (Deer Valley tickets were about $35) last, I used to love DV too. But then again , I like just about everyplace. Next time, you need to try Snowbasin. They have blue groomers that seem to be endless!!!
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Cheryl, I hope the next time you make it out this way we have some real snow. The few runs you had at PCMR is a vary vary small part of the Mountain. Next time your out this way I'll be happy to show you the rest of Park City, it really is a fun Mountain. but I'm with you on how special Deer Valley can be. My wife works there so I have been skiing there a lot. Glad you had a good trip and yes the resorts do hire Dr's and Nurses. I think the hireing is done by one of the local Medical Clinics but you work right at the resort.
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I too am sorry we missed each other. Any more i never know what i'm going to be doing day to day. Saturday i had been schedule as a where needed person. Then at 8am i was moved to another lift, at 1am i was pulled off that lift, to do some projects.FUnny thing, i was on the lifts at Flagstaff all day, as well as Ruby. Yes i was told a couple of times you were looking for me. And no i didn't have a radio on that day.
Thank You for the great report on our conditions. Today i heard alot of happy people talk about our conditions vs PCMR. REeports like yours sound a lot better than what us employees can ever say.
Are you planning another trip out this season? Let us know and next time we'll hook up.
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