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Summit county conditions???

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I am tennatively heading to Summit county 2 weeks from today. How are conditions (Copper, Vail, Abasin).

It looks a little thin from the reports, and I can reschedule my trip with no penalty.

What would U do?
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I'd go to Utah, that's what I'd do.
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I was surfing fresh fluffy knee-deep powder at Loveland on Sunday before lineup. It was a top 10 powder day at lift 9 and lift 8. I don't think Copper got as much as I was there Sat. afternoon.
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I skied Breck Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Monday was a very nice spring day. It evidently got warm enough to melt EVERYTHING on Tuesday, because it was pretty funky on Wednesday, with lots of brown patches that weren't there on Monday. Thursday was nice spring conditions again, warm enough to soften it almost all the way to the top, sugary slush toward the bottom.

They could use some snow.
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