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How's ALTA in early April?

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My wife wants to go to Alta the first week of April for the kids spring break. Does anyone know how the snow is, historically? I noticed it is only two weeks before closing. Should I count on an expensive spring sking trip, or is late season powder a possibility? TIA

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Last season, I skied a 60 inch powder weekend in the middle of April the weekend before closing! It can get deep, however, it might be skimpy, I'd plan for early April if I was spending a lot of money. Spring skiing conditions may exist. Have a good trip!
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April in Alta can be amazing.Becuse Alta sits so far up the Canyon and has mostly a northren exposure they can have great snow into late May and beyond.It's not uncommon to have late season storms that will leave a foot or more of freshies. There is nothing like having it dump all night, then have the skies clear to perfect blue bird day. Your biggest problem mid week will be finding other skiers.

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I could recount 15 years of empty epic days there, but hard evidence
-snow history below average snow month (but average is 93") but the base is biggest then.
2)Low Season Nov. Opening - Dec. 20; Jan. 6 - Jan 16; Apr. 6 - Closing
Regular Season Jan. 17 - Feb. 13
Peak Season Dec. 21 - Jan. 5; Feb. 14 - Apr. 5
-the above is straight off of the rustler lodge's web page showing 2 things:it is cheaper when you are looking to come & that affordability is based on a history of soft bookings in april; it wont be crowded.
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