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New Salomon '04-'05 skis :)

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Salomon Equipe 10 SC Pilot w/ S912 Ti
Salomon Street Racer 10 Pilot w/ S912 Ti

Don't know much about them tho the Street Racer seems like it would be an all mountain ski with a bias towards groomed runs and/or hardpack. The Equipe 10 seems like a supercarve (hence the SC) and I would place my bets it's salomon's answer to the volkl supersports. don't even see them on ebay yet hehehe.

If anyone wants a pair, i might be able to get a pair or 2


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Don't compare Equip 10 to supersport, compare it to Fischer WC-SC. Identical sidecut. If you compare it to Volkl, compare it to P60-SC (although the P60 has a much wider tail).
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Not positive, but I think SC stands for Slalom Carver.
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From the Salomon Hookup site:

Street Racer 10 Pilot w/S912 Ti

The Street Racer 10 Pilot is a powerful, yet responsive, cruiser. Its Spaceframe construction has been performance tuned for a great all mountain ride. This "street legal" ski shines on the frontside, but has a huge range due to its waist width and integrated Pilot System..

165cm = 108/65/98 - R = 14.1m

175cm = 106/66/103 - R = 17m

180cm = 106/66/98 - R = 18.1m

Street Racer 10 Pilot w/S912 Ti

The Equipe 10 SC Pilot is the NEWEST ski in Salomon’s race family and is the only ski of its kind. It’s a performance machine that makes effortless short to medium radius turns with power, edge grip and stability.

160cm = 122/66/103

Radius = 11.7m
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Equipe SC Pilot might be close to the Fischer Worldcup Race SC, but the Fischer's turn arc is R=10, which is tighter.

Unless you like the springier feel of the Salomon, the Fischer is the hot ticket for a short slalom race carver. I can't imagine a better ski for an upper-level skier who has modern technique and is looking for a slalom carver... but I haven't skied that new Salomon yet. Don't think I'll be giving up my Fischers.
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
Unless you like the springier feel of the Salomon, the Fischer is the hot ticket for a short slalom race carver.
How can you say that? Has anybody skiied the Salomon? How do you know it's "springier"?
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name one Salomon ski that isn't springy... and tell me why they would seriously depart from their well-known (and in many circles, well-loved) feel/character?

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I always would have said "clanky", but the new Sollies seem to be different anyway. I don't even know if springy would be good or bad... I just know what I like when I ski it.
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10 SC s

Demo'd them this past weekend against the Atomic Metron b5 (I am a long time Atomic fan). The SCs are "springy." Springier? More so than the b5, for sure. And stable(r) than comparable skis when you get them flat and fast. They need to be kept on edge to avoid that sickening "oh sh*t" feeling. Kind of like driving an older Porsche 911, keep the throttle on in the corner and you'll make it through ... lift off the loud pedal and that's all folks.

The grip is astounding across hardpack and boilerplate. Maybe not quite in the same league as the b5, but that is a panzer that will punish you for mistakes and the sheer "turnin' fool" feeling I got from the SCs more than makes up for that IMHO. I had a buddy demo the ski (a cro-magnon super skier): he said that he loved them, but that the super high speed GS turns are not the strongest point. He was, however, really amazed at how much he liked them: he was all prepared to dis them.

The problem? Like the b5s, you need to hit lotto to afford them. But the rep is fair: they are quite unlike any other Solly ski I've ever been on. I LOVE THEM:
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I skiied the Street Racer 10 back in September. I almost fell asleep while on it. It was one of the most boring skis of the year...
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I’ve demo’d both the Fischer and the Salomon SC. The Fischer is stiffer and definitely has more snap out of the turn. The Salomon is smoother and much easier to turn even at super slow speeds. I had a lot more fun on the Salomon because for me I could lay them both over on edge to leave trenches behind but the Salomon required less effort. Actually, for a soft ski, it was pretty stable at high speeds. No knock on either ski…..just very different
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