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What is Jackson Hole Like?

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How would you describe Jackson Hole, in terms of difficulty. For comparrison purposes, I've skied (in Utah) Brighton, Snowbird, The Canyons, Solitude (in Colorado) Loveland, Winter Park (in Idaho) Sun Valley.

My main concern is that we're taking a beginner with us. She's skied about 5 times, but that was 10 years ago. We took her to Sun Valley (right after a big snow), she got to the top of the lift that runs up from the base lodge to a beginner run, took a look down and rode the lift back down, not to ski that day. I really don't want to go through that again.

The rest of us ski blues, with an occasional black thrown in for a challenge.


Reverend Poppy
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Jackson is one of the overall steepest mts in North America. There are really only two beginner lifts, and they are located at the bottom of the mt. Apres Vous which is considered the easy lift is steeper than most beginers would care to ski. As a local I tend to forget how steep it is untill a friend comes out to ski and we start dragging him or (sexist remark) his GIRLFRIEND around and the tears start. We have learned over the years to not minimize any slope at JH.

Casper lift has some easier terrain, but keep in mind easier is only relative to the mt. Thunder also has some relatively easier terrain.

There is nothing to compare to the front of Vail. My suggestion would be for the begginer skier to buy a Teewinot ticket only the first day. It is cheap $10.00 or so. It is the high speed quad begginer lift. Let her ski that while the rest of youcheck out the other runs. Maybe you will find that they are easy enough for her.

It has taken me 35 years to figure out that no one really likes to be scared S***less when they are sking. Sorry I can't be more optomistic. Maybe someone else has a different view point.
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Trouthead - you are right on.

JH is definitely known as an experts mountain. I would not recommend riding the tram there unless you are an advanced/expert skier. The top of Rondevous can be intimidating, and there is not really an easy way down like you have at the top of Snowbird.

However, you can find easier terrain over on the Apres Vous side of the mountain, like Trouthead said. Even this may be too much for a true novice, so be prepared.
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