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Post 9/11 boot carry-on

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To anyone who has flown w/ski equipment under new security guidelines- I am going to Jackson in a couple weeks and want to make sure that I will still be able to carry my boots on, rather than check 'em and risk having them lost. If my skis got misplaced, that would be one thing -'cause I'd have an excuse to demo new ones- but I wouldn't touch rental boots with a 215-cm Spalding.
Anyone been hassled by the man carrying on boots?
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I've been flying with ski boots internationally for over 35 years. They have always gone into the hold. I have never lost a piece of luggage.
Furthermore, I can't recall ever meeting anyone who has lost a pair of boots on an air trip.
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My dad almost lost his boots last year. (they arrived at 3:00 in the morning at our condo after about 10 calls to the airline and baggage handlers : ) it was not fun.

Someone was on my flight to Boston in december. carried on his boots no problem.

Got a lot of strange looks because he did not have them in a bag but they didn't seem to mind at security. After Jan 18 new regs however I do not know.
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They are pretty strict on one piece carry-on policy. So make sure that you pack them into something that would fit into overhead compartment. A month ago I was trying to get through with small backpack and a bag and had to check one of them in.
If the boots are attached to the pack it should not be a problem I think.
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Alway carry-on your boots and enough gear to get through at least a day. I've gone through security twice with boots since 9/11 with no problems. Flying to SLC tommorrow without my trusty leatherman though.
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Whenever I fly I carry my boots on. Got my ski bag back from luggage check with a tire mark on them a few years back, thought that was interesting. I could make a trip without my own skis, but without my boots I'd be pissed!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by David Goldsmith:
I can't recall ever meeting anyone who has lost a pair of boots on an air trip.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I have met several. You can always rent skis, poles and buy/borrow clothes but boots... That's why CMH tells all of their clientel to carry their boots as hand luggage...
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For the last few years I have had a bag that carries my clothes in one section, and my boots in a detachable backpack. The boots stay attached to the bag for the flight and go in the hold. I figure that if the boots go missing, or the clothes go missing, either way I won't be doing much skiing. It's never gone missing on flights (yet). My skis travel in a hard box, and have only been delayed once and that was about 5 years ago.

That's my experience. Since 9/11 I have put my leatherman in my hold luggage, and taken as little on board as possible, I know the flight crews prefer it that way. It also makes me think about what I'm packing and whether I'll really need it.

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I'm flying next week, and the ticket says only 3kg hand luggage - my boots in their bag weigh more than that. Unfortunately I'm only allowed 15kg hold luggage so it looks like I can't take many clothes. If I had skis as well I could have paid another $20 to have the skis & boots not included in the 15kg allowance but I only have boots. Weird.
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I don't carry on anything anymore. Its not worth the hassle.
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Just got back from Jackson last week. I, as well as about 30% of my flight, carried on boots without a problem. I also carried on a very slim backpack without a problem. Technically, you're supposed to be allowed one carry-on item and one personal item (purse, briefcase, small backpack in my case).

If you're coming from Boston you're either going through Chicago (ORD) on American or going through Denver or Salt Lake on United or Delta. If you're going through ORD you probably have less to worry about your luggage (esp. heavier items ie: skis and boots) not making it. That's because American flies a 757 to JH from ORD. If you go through DEN or SLC they will put you on a much smaller plane with significant cargo/luggage weight restrictions. Frequently, the flight from DEN or SLC will not be able to accomodate lots of skis or boots to JH. Ask Jamesdeluxe. His skis got left behind in SLC.

So, my advice to you is this: like many have said before, carry on your boots and one day's worth of gear if possible. If you have to check in gear, you have less to worry about if you're going through Chicago. If you're going through DEN or SLC carry you boots at all costs. Just my opinion.
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on our trip to whistler there were several people carrying boots.
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still no problem to carry on boots. I carried on 2 pr. a few weeks ago. Boots are the last thing I would check.
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I carry my boots on. The warehouse where they sell lost luggage items is loaded with ski boots that never made it to their intended destination. I have flown through a number of different airports since 9/11 and never had a problem. Carry-on size for most airlines is generally about 9"x14"x22" which will easily accomodate most boots.
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Prosper is correct. However, the prop planes that Delta/Skywest fly between SLC and JH are so small that you can barely stow your boots in the storage area above the seats. I had no choice but to check them in.

So check this out... they delivered everyone's suitcases (which contained my boots), but left our skis in Salt Lake overnight (weight and space restrictions). I was hoping that they would fly them up on the very first flight the next morning, but all of their flights for that day were booked. So they had to find a bus to drive them up to Jackson. But because of the Olympics, there were no buses to be found until late afternoon the next day.

The skis arrived late the following night, so I grabbed a pair of nice demo skis on Delta's tab. I felt especially bad for a group of four who received neither skis nor clothes! For their first day of skiing at JH, they had to rent EVERYTHING.

Between paying for everyone's rentals, and the additional shipping costs they incur (regularly, it appears), it would seem logical to assign larger planes to that route, but what do I know...

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Bump for Throwback Thursday. 


I was trying to find something 9/11 related for Throwback Thursday but most of the topics were in the PHT area.  This one is a valid question - How much has your luggage for a ski trip changed since 9/11? 

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