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Aspen 2/2 and 2/3

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I've lucked out and have to make a trip to Boston the end of the month. By staying over in Aspen for two nights on the return trip, I save my company $500.00 in air fare.

It will be my first trip to the Aspen Snowmass area. I'm staying in Snowmass, but planning to ski Highlands.

Anyone have some insider tips on getting the most out of my two days?
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1st tip: Stay more than two days!
2nd: Stay in Aspen. Snowmass is great for families, but very quiet. Downtown Aspen
has something for everyone. Just walking around after dinner is a blast! Checking out all the shops, bars, galleries.
3rd: Ski Steeple Chase at Highlands early,
hike the bowl about 10 am. Have a bread bowl of soup at Cloud Nine. Ski Oly in the afternoon.
4th: I would rather ski Aspen Mtn. than Snowmass, but if you are out there make sure you ride up the Cirque poma.

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