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Kimberley ?

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Can anybody tell me anything about Kimberley.
We are planning a fortnight in BC next January (2003) and friends of ours have asked us to join them at Kimberley. We have skied Big White and enjoyed it greatly. Thought of splitting the time between Big White and Silver Star.
The party will consist of somewhat terrified wives, couple of five year olds, teenagers who should know better and aged parents who thought they knew better.
Any help and/or guidance would be appreciated as everyone needs to have fun.
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Nomad , Kimberly is a good family area , not as big as Big White or Silver Star. It gets good snow most times and can get major dumps like the rest of the Kootenays , but note it is not even close in distance to Big White or Silver Star.
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Thanks Leeroy
When you say not even close, are we talking a day on a bus, 4 days on a bus?
I live in a State bigger than Texas so "close" is a relative term.
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you might want to consider day trips to Fernie, Panorama or Kciking HOrse so you do'nt die from boredom. Leave the terrified women and kids there.

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Nomad - Not sure of the bus schedules, but it's probably a 10 hour drive, assuming the weather cooperates. That's always a consideration given the passes you need to go through.

Good area for the day, but Irulan's right. If you crave the excitement, one day with the others is enough. You'll want to move on.

The view from the lodge on top of the hill is spectacular on a clear day. I've heard enough Aussie accents there, that if you ask around with your ski mates, I'm sure you'll find someone that's been there, or knows someone who has.
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Thanks JimmyP and irulan
Sounds like a nice place to visit but you would'nt want to live there!
But, then again, coming from where I come from, Any snow is Good snow.

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