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For those who have been to both places which one would you pick first, Fernie or Kicking Horse?
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OK - disclaimer. I haven't been to Kicking Horse ... but I've skied Fernie and Red for years and do know people who have been up to Golden. Both Ferniwe and Red are fabulous low mountains. Jan through mid-march to be safe. Scope Craig Morris's site for the skinny on life and conditions at Fernie (http://far.redtree.com). Golden is farther north and colder so probably alonger season. The 'rap' on KH is that they are resource shy. They put in a fancy gondola but ran out of money for all the cars so the lift lines can be a bit much. Now for the good. They all report that there is great hiking for turns to be had. If you're a Randonee guy with a couple of buddies and cars, there is supposedly a lot of accessible back country. You might want to look at the Canadian Avalanch site for advice there. Anyhow - the folks I've spoken with have all said that KH has huge potential and that if their funding holds together it's gonna be a heck of a place. Maybe a year or so out. Now- you want a low dough Canadian trip. Drive to Red (2.5 hrs north of Spokane. Ski a few days and go up to Whitewater (1.5 north), ski a day or two if you're a back country type, then a day travel across Route 3 to Fernie. About 5 hours back to Spokane and Route 90 home.

We live in the Gorge across from Hood River. Just did two weeks at Red, then down to Big Mtn, then up to Fernie and back through Schweitzer. easy driving for the most part 1600 miles round.

Hope all that helps. Ski ya later!
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I've skied Fernie for 5 years running, and I am atKicking Horse as we speak, so I am well quallified to answer this one. Fernie rocks, or is "da bomb" as someone up here said. The expansion has done amazing things, I'd go there again in a heartbeat.

here at KH, still under going growing pains but the plusses are vertical, terrain, backcountry access ( beacons etc)views like you wouln'dt beleive, lots of heli skiing.

WE missed the big dump of last week here, but the snow consistency is holding very well. The bumps are nicley shaped, best I've beenon in ages, ( not traashed by boardrers)The cardiac ridge chutes are in great shape. But oh for some new snow...

I skied 26000 feet without even trying yesterday.

So, here's what I would say. If you have any beginners or intermediates, pick Fernie as it has lots of terrain to accomodate them. KH does not... I would say it's similar to Red in being an expert's mountaian. Fernie seems to has the most snow of anyone around here these days.

but you can't go wrong at eithter, jsut depends on your ability mostly, and wehre you are coming from. If you go toKH, do not miss dinner at the Cedar house... omigod, exquitsite.

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Thanks everyone. I've been to Red and Whitewater a couple of times. Had fun at both of them and liked the terrain especially on the skiers left at Red. The group I would go with would all be advanced to expert skiers who don't mind hiking to access challenging terrain.
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heh, it's early here but nothing like waking up to NEW SNOW here in Kicking HORse. If you like to hike, you will love it here.

I also has a most excellent advanced bump lesson yesterday, (irwin) and my hubby got in 40K vertical ON HIS TELES. He thinks his too dead to ski today but I Haven't given him the snow report yet....
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