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Panorama is one BC resort I haven't been to yet. I have accomodation opportunities there, as well as Whistler, Sun Peaks, and Big White (have been to all those many times). Any comments on Panorama, good or bad?
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Haven't been there for a few years now, but it was a very nice, quiet, and very friendly place. I believe they have the #2 vertical in Canada behind Whistler/Blackcomb, but much narrower. The surrounding area is maybe more picturesque than the rest of the Canadian Rocky resorts. No nightlife unless you create it! The slopes were uncrowded and we were able to run some high speed cruiser runs without too much attention form the patrol who later joined us for clams and brew. I just looked at their web-site and realized that it has been almost 10 years since I was there. Lots of new runs and village lodging courtesy of Intrawest. I'm definitely going back soon! Maybe someone has been there recently.
Enjoy [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Check out this great website:


Go to the table of contents: Resorts and Experiences, then follow it through to Western Canada and Panorama ("Intrawest's Other B.C. Giant"). There's a great recent article that'll give you plenty of information.

I would give you the complete URL for easier access, but the website doesn't allow it for some reason.
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Fastskis has it right. It's a cruiser mountain and I'm betting some good junior racers will be coming out of their eventually. But it's not a powder mountain because the Purcells part all the storms around the area an Panoramo gets diddly. Hence the extensive snowmaking. Too bad, cause it does have great vertical and some cool terrain.
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Very good snow making, fairly cheap ( I think but I stayed in a condo for beer), nice intrawest style village but not too huge and nice outdoor hot pools. In a bad snow year nothing except runs with snow making skiable. They have opened a bowl with Fernie like terrian but I believe never opened year before last.
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Panorama has tons of potential, and all of things said above are correct. ... There is something that has been left out though. - Panorama has the worst lift system of any major mountain on the continent. It's just old and out of date! They seriously need to do some infrastructure improvements if they want to attract a true following!!!
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Why is that? Intrawest is not known for skimping on lifts...
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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
Why is that? Intrawest is not known for skimping on lifts...
It takes four lifts to reach the top.

Intrawest needs to do something a la Kicking Horse and put in a Gondola....better do it quick too as all of the buzz is about K.H. and the tremendous amount of work that has gone into the expansion there.
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I don't know the reason, but I do know the condition. The base village has had a LOT of money spent on it and the lift system has been seriously neglected. When I skiied it two years ago they were saying there was going to be a big high speed quad put in on the west side of the area that would get rid of two of the older chair lifts, but nothing appeared last season. The top of the mountain; which is where all of the famous quips and quotes come from, is serviced solely by two t-bars. ... Don't get me wrong; I like the mountain, but there are so many better put together ski mountains I think it is poor planning to consider Panorama for a destination visit at this time.
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Hey Colin, I feel your pain. I once lived 20 minutes away from a ski area called Troll Mountain. The good news: $14 cdn lift ticket, and was able to go home for lunch. The bad news: the main lift was a T bar that went up the entire 1500 vert ft! Far more draining going up than down. Few could ski more than 8 runs in a day. The whole mountain was run by one guy. The T bar had a sign on it that said "self loading", with a big red button so you could stop and start it while the owner was off grooming or cleaning up a spill in the lodge (vending machines only). I had an industrial first-aid ticket and knew how to ski, which qualified me as a ski patroller, so I got to ski free if I carried a radio and a first aid pack.
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hehehe, sounds quite a bit like Turner.
The T-bar rose 2150 vertical feet, stretched about 5350 feet up the mountain. Man it was a drag! haha.
We usually never managed more than 15 runs a day, we self-loaded at the midway station if the the bottom was crusty, we just dragged up the lift line if we were screwing around and fell over with the T-bar in our coats. When the Ts were frozen, we just rode them like chairlifts... really narrow-seated chairlifts without backs or sides or any sort of balance.

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and tickets for adults were $17, junior $14
season passes were juniors $180, adult $220
heh. we are so spoiled.
rarely more than 120 people per day.

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You guys are spoiled. T-bars keep runs down. Powder lasts longer.
hehehehe. The mountain I ski at lost its T-bar, the longest on the continent. Oh well. Now I think we have the longest double chair on the continent. =\

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JR - I'm a "terminal intermediate". Most of what they say is spot on.

Against that is the fact that if you're there during the week, you've got the place mostly to yourself. You can make some serious speed runs that'll be longer than your legs can stand.

I think it's got a good variety of terrain for those like me, who aren't necessarily comfortable on blacks full of big bumps, or deep chopped up powder. I really can't comment on the high black stuff.

Snow is an issue though. If they have good coverage, skiing's great. If not, there's ice and bare spots just about anywhere.

Its location isn't so bad. If you decide there's not enough variety, it's about an hour to Kicking Horse or Kimberley, two and a half to Lake Louise or Sunshine, and 4 or so to Fernie.

In summary, it's the mountain I've probably got more miles on than any other. The vast majority have been good miles, lots of fun.
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We've been skiing at Panorama since 1996, usually twice a season. It is normally really quiet on most of the runs, especially on the side of the mountain serviced by the Sunbird Chair. I skied a lot in Tayton Bowl last season, and I understand what is being said about the lift situation. I often get to the point where I can't be bothered to go up the t bars to get to the top, but I suppose my legs are just telling me it's time to stop doing the difficult runs! The t bars aren't so bad, it's the long ski/walk along the ridge to get to the runs at the far side of the bowl!

I really like the resort, although this christmas we are planning to go to Kicking Horse for one day to see what that resort is like.

I was in France this summer at Les Deux Alpes, and I won't be going to Europe again! The lift queues were huge and everybody pushes in!
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