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1-27&1-28 Jackson Report

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For Jackson it sucks. So little new snow over the last week that what is there is just getting harder and harder. Off track looks awful. Overall parts of the mountain look like closing weekend, and other parts look worse!

Report is for 6 inch or so tonight with more hoped for later in the week. (what else is new, hoping for more). Right now for western sking it is bad. Unsubstantiated report was that Targhee got 12-14 on either Fri or Thurs. night.
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Sorry to hear that. I was actually going to go there for a Steep and Deep camp in a week.. but have decided to cancel. If I am going to spend money on that I want to make sure it is with good conditions.

I also have a trip planned there for the first week in March (with friends).. now I am starting to wonder if I should change our destination!
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