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2003 Head Skis

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I know we had a previous thread, but wanted to see if others have skied on the new Head Intelligence skis for next year. In particular I'm interested in a ski for club GS racing that will also be fun elsewhere on the mountain. It sounds like the iRace may be worth considering. (I have the 2002 Head WC SLalom in a 170 and love it but have not used it for GS). I saw a guy the other day on the iRace Slaloms and he said he was selling his new Rossi slaloms that went in for warrannty replacement and is keeping the Heads.
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I have the race stock version of the Head GS ski. The shape is the same as the 2003 Head Gs ski, constuction is different. It's super duper versatile, like fun in the bumps and soft stuff. Really easy to ski but powerful. The Retail version will be a cap ski construction which is more durable than my pair.
I also have the iRace slalom in a 160 but its not as easy to ski as the GS skis.
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Thanks Nord,

I'll be looking for a GS Ski next year. I prefer to give up ultimate on-course performance for some ability to ski well off the race course. It sounds like the design and the intelligence fibers may help teh Head do that.

I may also have to look at the Crossmax 10 and the new Atomic SX 11 (both supercross skis). Do you think Supercross designed skis would be good for club GS? We run on courses (occasionally) that are homologated (sp? - you know FIS capable) so they can be long and reasonably fast.
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