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Copper Mountain Cold

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Went to Copper Sat 3/2. It was -23F when I pulled in, and stayed that way for the 30 mins I sat in car debating whether to ski. When I got out, the bright early morning sun made it feel 20 degrees warmer, so decided to ski. But, by the time we got to the top, sun was disappearing, wind was picking up, and temps hadn't warmed that much. Coldest day I ever tried to ski; lots of quick forming frostbitten noses and cheeks. I think I now know how New Englanders feel much of the time they ski; they're tougher than me.
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Don't feel bad. We were there too. My boy was fine, but the two boys we were with couldn't handle it.

We did 3 runs then stopped.

We did 1 more then had to bag it.

We were home by 2:00. Oh well.
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If you think Copper was cold you should have skied at A-Basin Sat. I can't rember skiing on such a brutally cold day since high school (10-12 years ago). I could take maybe 4 runs before I had to defrost and I was dressed warmly. On a positive note the snow quality was great but it was still very rocky. They need at least another 10 inches of base before alot of rocks are covered up but 20 inches would be better.
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How was Pali chair? Still boney?
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Pali chair was nice because you were out of the wind until the very top but most of the terrain serviced by the Pali chair is still boney. I did not even venture into the Alleys because I knew they would be way to rocky to be fun (they are rocky with 80"+ of base) but Pali itself was not to bad. It is not a good idea to mach around A-Basin right now until they have more base but the snow quality was much better then Copper on Thurs. or Sun. However, I still managed to find some knee deep stashes of snow at Copper on Sun. which I could not find at A-Basin on Sun. because I did not feel like deystroying my skis any more then they already are.
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