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Jay Peak discounts

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Last year, Jay Peak offered a good online coupon for midweek skiing, but this year I can't find anything (partly because I can't navigate through their really lousy new website).

Do any Vermont Bears know how to get lift tix for less?... and don't tell me to buy them with loonies; it doesn't work anymore unless you have a Canadian ID.
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i'm skiing jay next week mid-week and noticed this post. any one have any info? $52 is absolutly rediculous for mid-week.
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Vermont Bears ski for less at Jay for being Vermonters ($35.) Another reason I love that place!
But seriously, they must be taking a fairly hard financial spanking by taking Canadian money at par, so it's not surprising they are stingy about other discounts.
They offer some good packages on limited passes, but that's about all I know.
I'll ask around,
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I believe that if you have a season's pass at another ski area, they'll give you a discount. Not sure on particulars, so I'd call first to see!
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