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Chalet in Chamonix

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I'm trying to get together a group of people to share a chalet in Chamonix from Jan 4 to March 4. So far there are at least three of us. We want to get a group of 6 or 8. Anyone keen for a couple of months of awesome snowboarding (or skiing) and partying in Chamonix let me know..
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Rocket, that's too long for most people I know but me and a few mates would be interested in coming out for a couple of weeks or so. I think the skiclub.co.uk site has recommendations for seasonaires so you might be able to find people there. If that's the wrong site I'll find it and post the right link.
Typical bloody Auzzie taking a two month holiday!

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Haha I'll be on hollidays for 10 months! After Chamonix I'm heading to South America...with another 2 months snowboarding in Aug/Sep.

A couple of weeks might work out OK. Keep in touch.
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