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Copper Mountain

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Is Copper planning on having the “Copper Card” this year? I will be in the Summit area early December and wanted to find the best deals I can. I haven’t found many as yet including lodging.
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Copper card the same as the 4 pack? If so, yes, available in local King Soopers grocery stores for $69.00
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The Copper Card is not the same as the 4 pack. I have not seen anywhere that they are going to be haveing copper cards this year, It was a pretty decent deal though.
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Yep, the Copper Card being sold. There's also the Copper Plus Card. Same price, except you get a picture ID out of it and it's linked to a credit card. Then instead of buying lift tickets you just go through the lift line and the first scan of the day will automagically charge you the Copper Card rate. That rate varies quite a bit, but can be less than $20 early in the season on weekdays.

There's lots of other things to consider too - the 4 pack is 4 lift tickets for $69. Only available on the front range at King Soopers, and I think they're sold out (maybe more will be coming..) Also, if you stay at Copper in the lodging you can get a "Beeline" pass. Basically it's special lift ticket that let's you completely bypass the lift line and go straight to the front of the line. There's also retail and F&B discounts that are at least as good as a Copper Card.
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I am going out in early December and I yhave et to find a "cheap" but nice place to stay. My instructor discount is not as good as the Copper Card! I usually ski several areas so I don't want to purchase a (4) pack. I think last year the card was $15. Doesn't appear to be many deals around. Best lodging so far is the Holiday on #70. I have a use or loose airline if US Air stays around. I can't go later due to our season. Rental cars was reasonable until they dropped on $50 worht of fees.
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Floyd you might look at http://www.newsummitinn.com/ they usally have good rates. Nothing fancy but fairly new. In frisco by the Holiday Inn.
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Hi Floyd, I just want to let you know about what is probably the best hostel in the state of Colorado. It's 'Just Bunks' in Frisco. Last year I got twisted up on accomodation in Frisco and had to spend the first night at the Holiday Inn in Frisco for $150. The next night I got a spot at Just Bunks for $30, and the place was much nicer than the Holiday Inn, and all the people I met were very nice. They only rent out four bunks and have private parking with a private entrance for the hostel guests.You can look into it at www.hostels.com/justbunks. I GUARANTEE you that you will find the accomodations acceptable! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thank you for your replies.
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It looks like you can buy the Copper card online http://res.intrawest.net/Passes/default.asp
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My dad lives in Breck. Called yesterday after he had returned from picking up his Copper season pass. I could hear the smile on his face through the phone....
See, he just turned 70 this summer, his cost? $10.00
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That is wonderful. Courious if he has a pass to Breck as well or just likes Copper better?

Please tell him a belated happy birthday!

Also tell him to join our little family, would love to hear some of his stories!
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Hi Kima!

He's got passes to all 4, and they mostly stick to Breck/Copper. But he'll wake up in the morning and make the decision based on snow and where his whole crowd is going. I think he spends the most time at Breck. He's been out there full time for about 5 years.
Loving life, skis 100+ days a winter and then plays golf all summer. He's my idle...Hard not to notice Big Bob on the hill, 6'7, one piece suit, smoooooth skier.....

I wish I could get him onto a computer, but he's not really into it at this stage in his life....

Can't wait to get back out there for a visit. So much good skiing in that area.
Wouldn't even know where to start picking favorites.....

Thanks for the reply!
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