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Spankingest ski ever

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None can approach the Spankness of the mighty VO SLALOM.
All skis quail in its shadowy presence.

Spank, or be Spanked...that is the question.
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I remember the first time I got on a pair of those. They literally threw me, head first, sideways across a groomed trail. I'd never felt rebound like that before. I got spanked.
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K2 was marketing some totally world cup level monster boards to the general public then - those VO SL's were a test of man(or woman)hood at the time! Anybody else you saw skiing on them were immediately kindred spirits in your secret cult! I've got some Alpine Pool K2 GS Electra's with a hand-written flex sticker on them from my college racing days - like the VO they are quite absurdly stiff, and base to base they must have over 2" of camber!

Hey here was a cool ski, the DP Chameleon - anybody remember those? Had the cool hologram on the tip and the hex wrench that you wore on your neck that let you adjust the flex in the tip, middle and tail of the ski! It really worked, but who wants to be skiing the groomed and then say "I think I'll hit the tree's" . . . stop, pull the skis off, soften the flex in all three places on each ski and then strap them back on again. Too much hassle, but they did work and it was a pretty cool gadget! They were also sort of heavy, and tended to explode in an interesting way - base and topskin seperating so that the mechanical parts inside would shoot out because of the tension!). Eventually I'm sure we will have skis that make various adjustments electronically and instantly through keys on the pole grips or something, it was a good idea whos time had not come yet.
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I will just agree. The VO was a beast and a super fun board, the 1st Gen KVC was a slightly softer version (still stiffer than the average) and one of my all time favorites.....
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I LOVED my hot pink KVC's! I wish I still had them even if just to take up space in the garage.
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Didn't K2 change the VO to the EIC? "Extreme Ice Ski" I had a pair in college. I can't remember the flex index on that pair, but they were 200 cm. An unforgiving ski made even worse by my oversizing. I was 5'6" and 150 lbs. Oh well, I guess I made them work. Amazing how much better a 160 shorty slalom is at everything.
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I still have 2 Pairs, one is the 2nd gen. VO graphics(The shiny ones) One is a pair with 1st Gen. (Pink/grey) KVC graphics. I am trying to collect them now. The ones I have need work, but I plan to fix them and ski them sometimes.

VOs were my only skis for 5 years. My movement patterns were specifically oriented around them. I had to make huge adjustments to ski anything else.

K2 kept making them until after the 2nd gen (pink & yellow) KVCs with KVC graphics.

I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think the EIS was a race-room product. I have no doubt that there were actual VOs put out with EIS graphics. I suspect that the run of the mill EIS would not have a flex # or cracked edges. I have heard the EIS was based on, or and extension of the VO 'family'

How to tell a VO in disguise. K2 kept making them for years with KVC or other current slalom ski graphics.

Cracked edges( approx. 3/4 to 1" segments. Shorter around the shovel area.

Thickness: Approx 50 - 75 % thicker than a KVC of the same year

Flex number. Evident on a sticker underfoot. If there is no sticker, there may be glue or paper left from the sticker which some touron pulled off.

The CVC was also a ballsy, stiff slalom, but lacked the soft tip of the VO. The CVC was actually more difficult to ski because of the stiffer tip.
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Yea, it had cracked edges, but who knows. I think I filled out a form with size and ability questions, and then sent it of to K2.
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