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SLC Travel

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In an earlier thread I was convinced that the cheap way to ski in the SLC area is to get a rental car and stay in town, Midvale / Sandy area I think. So now about getting around.
What do I need to know?
Is it fine to just get a standard little FWD car from one of the car rental places or is it necessary to get one of the "skierized" cars?
Do any of the roads require you to carry chains in the winter even if they are not currently needed?
What would be some of the easiest areas to get to in the event of snow and how good / quick is the road clearing on at least the main roads?
What is the quickest place to get to for some day of arrival turns?
Any thing alse important?
If it changes any of the above answers, I have very little winter driving experience. Here they just close all the roads if it looks like snow. Geting to skiing is almost all of my winter driving. I have also only owned RWD cars.

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If your staying in the Midvale/ Sandy area, there is the UTA busses that go up to all 4 resorts in the Cottonwood Canyons.
Yes the canyons do reqiure 4 wheel drive, or chains, and the Sheriff does enforce it.
On large storm days the canyons can be closed for avalanch control. And it has been known to be closed in the afternoons, so if your up in the canyons you could be stuck up there, until the state opens them.
I-80 to Park City is kept plowed very well. I have only seen / heard of being closed for short periods, so the state can move kackknifed trucks out of the way.
If you don't want to drive up there,there are many shuttle companies that will pick you up in the am and the pm.
Front wheel drive cars are nice, since you have the engine over the front, you hvae good traction, but remebr to be carefull the back end will swing around you. All rental cars here are equiped with winter drivng tires.
Most important thing, drive the speed according to conditions. Leave early for your destination. Every year i see suv /4x4's in the ditch cause some people think they are safe from sliding off the road.
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I did not really think it would be a good idea for me to risk driving up either canyon in snow but just to make sure I am completely clear... Regardless of what the conditions may be on a given day, the law prohibits travel up either canyon without chains or 4WD, correct? So if I want to go up a canyon either hire a shuttle, let the UTA pick me up, or go to the park and ride and let UTA take me up and down the canyon.
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Originally posted by Brandon:
. Regardless of what the conditions may be on a given day, the law prohibits travel up either canyon without chains or 4WD, correct?
Not correct. Many (most?) days the only restriction is snow tires or 4WD, and they usually only check if you run off the road. However, when conditions are bad (snowing) they may restrict to chains, or, of course, actually close the canyons. There are parking lots at the base of both canyons where you can park and take a bus up to the ski area.
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I went out for the first time last year in early Dec. and we did as you said. Stayed in Sandy and drove wherever we wanted. We rented a four wheel drive. It was really fun, got to explore all the Olympic stuff, eat downtown, go to movies, etc. We are heading back out in early Dec to do it again. Gotta love great skiing during the day and city fun at night. We did this in Denver also.
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