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How's Mammoth Now?

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Anyone know the conditions at Mammoth right now? Did they get that huge dump last weekend?
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while you wait for an up-to-the-minute report...

and this...

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We are in pretty good shape. We recieved about 3 feet + at Main Lodge. Sunday was a great storm day, with lots of fun to be had on 22. Monday was epic, with major face shots all over the lower mtn (esp. Roger's Ridge). The wind affected 3 and 5 Mon night, but Tues am the Top popped , and it was great. I only got one run in up top on Tues, but it was a good one; Hanger's, nice and fat. Today was snowy with really good crud. I kept lapping Blue Ox, and it was fun all day. The Top did not open today, and probably won't open 'til Friday am. We are supposed to have a sunny weekend, which could make for some serious glop in certain areas, as the sun is strong this time of year. Next week looks unsettled and cool. I would imagine that some time in the next couple weeks we will have to bear through the winter-spring trans formation, and it could be crappy until the corn gets cooked. It looks like we have enough snow at Main to make it into June, depending on the weather.
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