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Skiing in late March

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I just learned I am going to be off March 24 to 27. Where is the best chance for good snow at this time? I prefer somewhere around Denver because it is easier for me to get there... Any comments welcome.
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All the Colorado resorts are in good shape with the possible exception of Keystone which is a little boney. I work at Eldora which is argueably closest to the Denver airport. Stay in Nederland and ski with us!
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What do you consider good?? If it is mid winter crisp powder, you are definitely rolling the dice anywhere in Colorado after the middle of March. There is plenty of cold snow right now, but a warming trend can change all that is just a couple of days. The only lock-in that I know of late in the season is the high resort skiing in the Banff area. There you still have the benefit of higher lattitude combined with altitudes that virtually insure crisp light winter conditions well into April.

If you like springtime 'freeze - thaw' skiing, your best bet is probably the big name areas out from Denver like Steamboat, Vail, or Snowmass. Who knows; you might get lucky with the weather and get the best winter skiing of the year while you are there.

Hope you have fun!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Grand Targhee should remain in very good condition.
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