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The following is excerpted from a US Forest Service document. Sounds like Copper's already pretty decent beginner terrain at Union Creek is up for a very serious face lift! Sure would be nice to get rid of those slow lifts!!

"Scoping Notice for the Copper Mountain Resort
Kokomo Lift and Teaching Terrain Improvements Plan
White River National Forest
Summit County, Colorado"

The Proposed Action:
Kokomo Lift - realign and upgrade
The Kokomo Lift - approved for replacement via a previous approval process -- would be upgraded to a detachable eight-person cabriolet gondola and extended in length (by approximately 4,000 feet). It would also be realigned, allowing the top terminal to be located approximately 500 feet south of the existing top terminal of the Lumberjack Lift. The bottom terminal would remain approximately in its current location. The proposed lift would have an uphill capacity of 1,800 people per hour. Extension of the lift would allow the areas surrounding the top of the existing Lumberjack Lift to be developed as a new learning center. ...

Kokomo Learning Center Terrain
The proposal would develop approximately 12.3 acres of teaching terrain immediately to the southwest of the existing Lumberjack Lift. A proposed Teaching Lift would be sited within this teaching area. Lift service to the proposed teaching lift would be provided by the proposed realigned Kokomo Lift. ...

Teaching Lift
In conjunction with the development of the proposed learning center and realigned Kokomo Lift, an additional teaching lift would be installed west of the top terminal of the existing Lumberjack Lift. Approximately 1,410 feet in length, with a capacity of 1200 people per hour, this teaching lift would be installed as a fixed-grip chairlift. The lift would provide circulation for beginner skiers within the increased teaching terrain.

Skier Services Facility
A skier services/warming hut is proposed at or within the top terminal structure of the proposed realigned Kokomo Lift. The facility is proposed to accommodate approximately 200 indoor and 100 outdoor seats as well as the necessary food service and preparation facilities. ...

Additional Snowmaking coverage
Additional snowmaking coverage is proposed for the proposed Kokomo Learning Center Terrain and for several trails that are downhill from the new teaching area. These include Upper Roundabout, Roundabout, Fairway and Prospector trails. Total proposed snowmaking coverage is approximately 53.5 acres. ...

Comments should be submitted to Jaimie Connell, District Ranger, Dillon Ranger District, PO Box 620, Silverthorne CO 80498 or (fax) 970-468-7735. For additional information contact Miclael Liu at 970-262-3440, or Comments must be postmarked or received by 1/23/02 (30 days from the beginning of the comment period).