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Oboe and Bandit XX

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Hey Oboe (and anyone else with Bandits), I know you have quite a lot of experience with the bandits and wondered if you could tell me how you find them in the bumps? I bought some XX in 184 (1 am about 180ish pounds) and did get to demo last season, however I did not get to try them in the bumps. My brother is on with buying some Atomic 11.20s and reckons they make a better ski for the bumps, this does not concern me but I would like to know what you thought of your Bandits in the moguls. Thanks.
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Bandits are just fine int he bumps. That is one place i wanted to take them when i demoed them two seasons ago (it was the newest model of the XX not the older one). the turned up tail releases from turns nicely so it allows the bumps the be skied very easily. I was only 140lbs at the time and on a 184 and i handled it just fine everywhere, granted i would have liked the 177 better im sure, but the 184 was pretty nice. With your weight id go with the XX in a 184, it will outshine the 11.20 in the bumps because of the design of the tail and softer flex of the tip.
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