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Where to ski Feb 16-20

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I would like to go on a ski trip out west somewhere on the week of Feb 16-20. This is a popular week since the kids are out of school and the crowds are probably huge. Since I'll be with my wife and kids, I don't need night-life. Just a nice condo and great skiing would be fantastic. Any ideas? I thought Big Sky might work or maybe even Snowbasin. Let me know...thanks!
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Greetings from Winter Park Colorado...

You might want to think about coming here to Winter Park.
Last Year we had an awesome season...!!! (OVER 400 INCHES)

We have 2 resorts here.....Winter Park & Mary Jane.
So you and your family will have a chance to ski all levels of trails...from blue to black...not to mention....
687 acres of extreme backcountry terrain.

There are also other activities to do here like...,
Snowshoe Tours, Snowmobile Tours, Sleigh Rides, Snowcat Tours, Fraser Tubing Hill, Ice Skating, Cross Country Skiing,
and Dog Sled Rides...

You can even take the train (Amtraks California Zephyr)
from Denver to Winter Park if you do not want to rent a car.
There is a free shuttle that connects you with the ski areas and the towns of Winter Park & Fraser.

If you need more information on availability contact....

Winter Park Travel
Telephone 1-800-325-2748

Have a great time....!!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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That does appear to be a poor time to ski the US. You might want to look to the north where they don't care when our presidents were born. I don't know anything about Canadian holidays, but if it is not a holiday period, you might look at a week at one of the interior BC resorts where the US tourist crowd could be small.

I think I would take a look at Panorama for your trip. They are putting in two new lifts that will transform a wannabe into a real destination. They have some really nice cruiser terrain that covers almost 4000 vertical feet. The slopeside village is first rate and the exchange rate shouldn't discourage you either. ..Give Sun Peaks a look also, but I suspect getting there will be a bit harder. I think the websites of both areas have information on package deals available.

Hope you have a terrific trip!!
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Big Sky that time of year will be empty even on powder days. By then there should be sufficient coverage except for the steeps which rarely get enough snow to cover all the rocks. Big Sky offers a great variety of terrain and if you get bored you can always go around the mountain and try the new ski area, Moonlight Basin.

Big Sky does not have any organized town around like Jackson or Aspen causing it to lack any real apres-ski ambiance. Considering you don't care about a nightlife the biggest drawbacks I see about Big Sky is getting there and the temperatures (it can get mighty cold there).

If you come you might want to look into spending a day at Yellowstone as a family activity.
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I'll second the Canadian suggestion, as most US resorts tend to be madhouses that week.

But if the US is your only or preferred choice, I suppose Big Sky would be a nice choice, or maybe Big Mountain near Whitefish,
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How about Grand Targhee? I haven't been, but in my research for my own trip in Feb., that one seems to be uncrowded, in a beautiful location and you can day trip to Jackson Hole. And the lack of apres ski won't matter to you!
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Targhee is an excellent choice, but unless you have buckets of frequent flyer miles, don't forget to figure in a whopping $500+ per person plane ticket to fly into Jackson Hole.
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just a word of warning on trying canadian to avoid the us crowds. i went to whistler the week of presidents day, the lines where the worst i had ever seen to get on the 2 main lifts to get on the mountain and i was later told that presidents week is thier busiest, because all the americans come over in addition to the regular skiers.
so check w/ the canadian resorts 1st or you may go to canada and hit the same crowds youre trying to avoid.
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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
Targhee is an excellent choice, but unless you have buckets of frequent flyer miles, don't forget to figure in a whopping $500+ per person plane ticket to fly into Jackson Hole.
You can do much, much better than that. I just found air in there for $250 from Pittsburgh. Usairways non stop to DEN, then United to JH.

At that price, I might have to return to Driggs in January and tear up GT and JH [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Feb. 17 is "Family Day" in Alberta, so the Canadian Rockies get their own holiday crowd that weekend, though a destination resort like Panorama (B.C. side) hardly gets too crowded to enjoy yourself plenty. How old are the kids? Ski school there was a special experience for mine when they were pre-teens 5 yrs. ago. Otherwise, I think you'll find the crowds tolerable and the skiing great at any of the more remote Western resorts like Big Sky, Targhee, or Big Mountain. Big Sky's hard to beat for the family combination of steeps on Lone Mtn. and miles and miles of intermediates. There's a condo for every budget there, too.
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