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Good Food, Good Meat , a Skiers Gotta Eat

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There almost to many good places to Dine in Park City So i will Give you Just a few of the Ones that I Like. Good Mex at resonable prices is El Cahubasco. One of the best deals on Main st is Alexes Bistro Alex is a classic French Chef.Look for his specials full course meals from around $20.00. For Asian Food try taste of Saigon.For Itailian go to Buna vita on Main st really good Italian food and resonable prices.The Best sandwitches are from Legers, by the Dans SuperMarket.All The places I have posted here have down to earth prices.These are al places that locals can afford to eat in.Ohh for Good pizza Davanza's.This is just a short list for when you get tired of Garanola Bars and Top Roman.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Hi Utahxx
What kind of Groceries and resturants in Canyons park west village? Have you scoped out that area yet?
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Thanks Utah49! That is good info for my February 2001 trip. Can...not...wait....
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i Haven't eaten at any of the Restaurants at the canyons except the Redpine lodge for Lunch. The food there isn't to bad for On mountain food. I have heard good things about The Cabins Restaurant at the Canyons.
As for Grocery's well You will need to go into Park City(only a 5 min Drive.) There is an Albertsons and Dan's Super Market.Out towards I80 you will Pass a Smiths Super Market on your way in to the Canyons.Keep in Mind that the Canyons has Bus service into Park City and nothing is more then 5 or 10 Mins away.If Yyou are going to be here over a Friday Evening You Have to go to the Deer Valley Sea Food Buffet.It's not Cheap but well worth the money.Go hungry and you can bring your Own wine They will charge a corking fee.Still it is cheaper then Buying there. Almost all Restaurants will Do this in The Park City area.There is a great selection of wines at the State Liquor in the Prospector area.You can Buy 3.2 Beer from the Grocery store anything stronger will have to come from the State store.
Thats it for Now I have to get My ski gear together and get a few runs in this morning.This is the best snow we have had for christmass holidays in Many Years. Happy Holidays to all.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Thanks Utah,
I guess we will be riding into park city a lot unless we find a small grocery shop in canyons. No worries about the wine. In my group there are 2 or 3 wine collectors. We will most likely be carrying our own wine in. Thanks for the tips.
I'll let you know our schedule soon. Maybe we can make some turns together. We will be at the Canyons for the whole week of Jan 13-20. skiing Sunday-Friday.
Have fun today.
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When I was in Park city, I ate at a steakhouse , but I can't remember the name! It was very close to or in Prospector square. Anyways, it was the best meal I had ever had in a ski town.
ANYTHING in the Deer Valley cafeteria is worth checking out. If you are not planning on eating there, do not wait for someone by the entrance. Everytime the door opened, the scents would waft out. By the time my wife showed up, I couldn't stand it! I had to go in. WOW!
There is a Mexican restaurant at the base of Park City Resort by the little ice skating rink that is surprisingly good.
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also BURGIE'S for a burger and brew
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You guys in Utah don't have thing on Washington ski areas when it come to dining. Since Booth Creek and Bonye Mt took over Snoqualmie Pass and Crystal Mt, respectively, the food at both areas has gone from reasonably priced and generally inedible to overpriced and generally edible. I would also note that customer service at both places has improved markedly. Where employees were downright surly in the old days, since the corporate takeovers I've found them to be simply indifferent, a real improvement in my book. Watch out Whistler!!
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I think maybe I will print this and take it with me . Ain't the web great !
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milesb, the steak house your commenting about is called the Grub Steak Resturant.
The Mexican Resturant at the PC base is Baja Cantina.
Standing by the doors of the restruant at DV is nothing. try being part of the lift crews near the lodges, when they fire up the grills at lunch. We only get hungrier.
Spring time is worse, when they start cooking outdoors at Mchenerys Beach at Silver Lake Villege.

Hey Utah49, it was great to meet ya today at Silver Lake Express. Drop by any Friday and say hi.
I hope that each of every one has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.OHHHHH
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You are correct, those are the restaurants.
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Hi All
FYI the shuttle service to the Canyons Sucks bigtime. Even though there is supposed to be a schedule it seems to be when ever they feel like it. The Canyons resort shuttle only runs until 5:00 PM and the City bus goes to the Park City boarder and stops.
Thank goodness for the private taxi vans like Powder to the People.
Our Condo managment is supposed to have a free shuttle but it all depends if the driver shows up for work or gets the message. I'm not sure if it is the resort property managment or the drivers but we have had to call several times in some cases to get the free shuttle. Most of the time we have been taking the taxis.

Just my .02
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the sushi at happy sumo kicks ass!

sake bombs for everyone!

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Two of the best restaurants I've ever been to are in Park City:

For Breakfast: The Eating Establishment

For Dinner: Chimayo (expensive, but well worth it).
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