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Utah Update

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Yet another epic day in the Wasatch, After a day without new snow, it started snowing hard again early this a.m. There was fresh pow at PCMR and it got better and better as the day went on. I'm beginning to wonder about avi gear inbounds. It's just dark and the snow has stopped but it's supposed to continue the rest of the week.

scratch that last part- it's still snowing.

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Cool, we're coming in this saturday afternoon. Does PCMR run the night skiing program when it's snowing?

With the *predicted* weather for the next week and a half, I don't expect to be taking an "off" day this trip!!!
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Yeah, PCMR still does the night skiing thing even when it's snowing. Pretty cool sensation seeing the snow come down in the lights while you're out there. Bundle up, it'll be pretty cold!!
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Sunday I skied Deer Valley and it was some of the best conditions I have ever skied there. One of the nice things about skiing there is that most of the Guest don't like to ski on ungroomed runs. Even with over 6000 skiers skiing Sunday there was still fresh lines to be had late in the Day. Monday skiing PCMR There was a vary high wind blowin and if you stayed by the trees,Out of the wind It was vary Deep. I'm rethinking my Idea of have just my Rex as a Powder ski. I'm thinking something a bit wider will be the Ticket for this Season. If it is this good here. The Cottenwood Canyons must be mind blowing
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