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advice on email snow alerts

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Hello. what are sources on Net that will send from one source alerts on when snow falls. ???

YAHOO SKI AND SNOW did this last year. but this year I have been sent none by yahoo, even tho my alerts are still in their system.

I do realize, alas, there has not been enough reasons to send alerts.

advice please..... thanks
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Try http://www.snow-forecast.com/snowmail.html

I've found their forecasts a bit optimistic in the amount of snow they predict - maybe they're trying to get people to use the site more!
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Check out individual resort pages, I know of quite a few in my area that send them out. They tend to be a bit on the sparse side though. Usually I only see one from my favorite resort if we have not had snow in a while.
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www.sugarbowl.com does have "storm" or "fresh snow" alert.
and so does the Canyons. www.thecanyons.com
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