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First trip to Winter Park......help

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I'm leaving for Colorado on Friday and was just wondering how the conditions are at Winter Park? What trails should I make sure I hit? Any other recommendations on bars, restaurants.......would be appreciated....thank you!<FONT size="1">

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If you're looking for fast cruisers and generally easy skiing, stay on the Winter Park side. If you're looking for nasty bumps and/or trees, stay on the Mary Jane side. I was there last week and the snow was pretty soft, but it's been dry all this week so it's probably packed pretty solid by now. Hopefully we'll get some snow this weekend. Everything was open except for the serious steeps -- the chutes on Mary Jane and Vasquez Cirque. It looks like there's enough snow to open them, but who knows when that will happen. Sorry, but I'm not too familiar with the Winter Park nightlife.
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I think you can find stuff to do at night in Fraser. The skiing is pretty good, not great, the base is pretty good. Good not great. But I'm sure you'll have a great time!!! Pray for snow and try to check out Berthoud if you get a chance!!!!

Well I wonder where that skier's bound. Is there some run, somewhere, someway out there that I've not found?
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If you like steeps, trees, chutes, etc. don't bother with the resort, go to Berthoud Pass! But if you like resort-type features (i.e. groomers, bumps, people, etc.) then go to Winter Park and Mary Jane.
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If you are looking for cruisers head to the WP side, if you like the bumps and trees, MJ will supply the goods. From my own personal sampling over the past week or 2, MJ has better snow than Copper Mt. The trees at MJ were very nice last monday.

As previously mentioned, don't write off a trip to berthoud pass. I haven't been there in years, but I am planning on visiting this year. I'm the one swerving on rt 40 while scoping lines out in what appears to be a great playground.

I can't comment on the nightlife, no data points yet. Enjoy your trip.
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Was there for one night last year. Check out a place called "The Pub" (or something similar) at the far end of town...a great locals establishment with lots of character. Other than that, WP is a pretty quiet town.
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Hi PJSkier. I do not ski WP so cannot offer any insights, but we do bike there in the summer allot. We like to eat at Denos, good food (& they let the dogs on the deck.) Anyway it’s our favorite in the area, that said not a whole bunch of places to choose from. We have also had a great meal at the restaurant on the Mtn, Sunspot I think, but I know that they have a new chef so not sure how it is now. Hope you have a great time.
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Make sure you bring your rock skis, especially if the VC opens.
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Pjskier - I just skied Winter Park this weekend it was amazingly croweded, but you won't see anywhere near the amount of people I did since that was a holiday weekend.

I think from the posts here you are getting the idea that WP is mostly a blue run mountain and MJ is about blacks. So depending on what you are into you should find it. Don't write off MJ if you are not an aggressive blacks type skier, they have some extremely fun blues also just off the top of the Sunnyside lift. You can make them harder by skiing into the trees and poping out into the open areas and going back to the trees. If you want some extreme bumbs or chutes look for the Challenger lift. Head to the Timberline lift for some really fun tree/bowl type skiing. (Blues & blacks).

In Winter Park there are plenty of black runs right off the main lift (Zepher Express) but this is a little more crowded area, I would head to MJ if you want a challenge. You will be all alone over there. Head over to Olympia or the High Lonesome lifts to get away from the masses and enjoy some long open blues and greens.

You should be hitting it just right for some great conditions, the weather report looks like we are going to start getting snow again on Friday.

As for bars and such WP is a pretty small town, so you will run into them all easily enough.
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