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VT 3/12

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Anybody ski Vermont this weekend? Please commment. From a distance, it appears VT may have the best conditions right about now. Am thinking of making the long haul up this weekend.
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Everyday - its been great the last few days. Today was super warm and sunny, great snow. However . . . it might well rain tommorow, and if it does. Well, you know what it'll be like then!
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where you skiing Gravity?
I'll check in with you tomorrow re rain
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We "lucked out", sort of.... We got about four inches of snow instead of rain last night; and the central mountains got more. But during the day there was an off and on freezing drizzle.
The skiing at Okemo was fine today, but the fog really closed in during the afternoon, and the drizzle made it impossible to wear goggles. But there is so much snow! Who knows when we'll have it this good again?? I'd say it's worth it to get in some serious skiing while the season lasts.
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JW MRG is claiming 5 new for 3/13 . It looks like No Vermont avoided the rain . I was thier on 3/12 and it was FANTASTIC .
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looks like there is more coming today and later this week. Got to get up to Vermont this weekend. You've really got a nice season going there.
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Kind of drizzled all day at Mt. Snow yesterday (Tuesday). Looks like warm temps all week - possible rain again on Friday
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I was at sugarbush and MRG over the weekend...epic. Trees off of the single chair, especially between Paradise and Fall Line still had up 1-2ft of cut-up pow. Even though we missed the huge dump earlier in the week, still probably the best base and all-around conditions I've ever skied in the east.
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Riverside , I was @ MRG on Mon. and they were saying it was a record weekend for the NATO fest. The lines must have been horable on the single. I do want to say thankyou for saving some of that soft snow between the dice and Fall line. Paradise Lost also was incredable. News Flash!!! They are reporting 9 new at the Glenn .Looks like northern Vermont did not get the rain that Mt Snow did ! YAAA WHOOOOOOooo<FONT size="1">

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He he he
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Stowe has reported new snow every morning this week. Does that mean they did not get rain, or do they sometimes get both?
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My sources tell me Stowe got snow; BUT...Jay got over a FOOT last night! Stowe got a couple of inches or more. The best part is...the weekend forecast has changed from sleet to snow showers! But you know how those things go....
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