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Skiing British Columbia

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I have plane tickets to Vancouver April 1st. Was planning to ski Whistler, but I'm told I'll need a raincoat and fog lamps that late in the winter. Sooo I'm looking for an alternative with more reliable weather. Anyone skied Big White, Silver Star, or Sun Peaks in early April? Would I be better off heading further east to Fernie or Panorama? I'm more interested in the skiing than the night life.
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Stick with Whistler! Who knows what the weather will be anywhere.
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I agree, don't discount Whistler. It may rain at the base, but the top should be cold enough for snow. Probably the best day I had last year was at Whistler in early May - about one foot of new at the top! If you're looking for other B.C. areas, check out Red Mountain and Whitewater - outstanding skiing, although I'm not sure what conditions will be like at those places in April.
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Your best chance for GOOD weather at Whistler will be when you're there! There's still a good probability of snow and also a much, much greater chance of sun. I was at Whistler the first week in April last year and you could still ski to the base. OK, the snow was terrible at the base, but up top things were great...and this was a bad snow year.

Brighton, MI eh? I'm originally from Lansing. Whistler is a step up from Mt. Brighton, for sure!

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Do you have this web resource for BC? It's pretty good.

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Sugar Snack: Great web site! I hadn't seen this before.

DrAbs-- Check out the web site for Kicking Horse. This mountain looks incredible. It has a 4000 foot vertical drop serviced by three lifts! I'm planning on making a pilgrimage there in March. I have heard great things about Fernie. Lots of back country skiing. I don't know what April is like though. And Whistler? How can you go wrong with Whistler????
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