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Going To Sugarbush, VT

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Next week my wife and I are going to Sugarbush for 3 days midweek.

We are staying at the Sugarbush Inn.

Any advice on restaurants, runs, instructors, or anything?
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Don't miss having dinner at the Common Man, which is right around the corner from the Sugarbush Inn on German Flats Rd. Very unique, upscale dinning. Very romantic. Your wife will be impressed.
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As far as a fun bar...The Barn at Mad River. It is about 2 miles before MRG. If you see Betsy Pratt there, she is a great conversation, Betsy was the owner of MRG before it was sold to the co-op. She is a very important person in Vermont skiing. If Craig is behind the bar, tell him I said HI,he makes a mean drink. I will be at the Barn Thurs-Sat. make sure you stop by. Craig will point me out.

Also you MUST ski Mad River one of the days. Even for a novice skier there is some great terrain.

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The Barn is quaint and nice.

For a cultural experience try the Mad Tavern (I think that's what it's called). You'll know your in Vermont. It's where the mountain folk hang out.

Now I've already said it, but Phil is right! Mad River is the way skiing should be. Don't miss it. It will help your spiritual development.
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Restaurants- The Den is nice and reasonable - good burgers salad bar et al

Rositas is decent Mexican...Flatbread is the BEST pizza but it is only open weekends...Peppers- just up the road on German Flatts is great breakfast but don't go if you are in a rush

Trails? It all depends on the weather I prefer Mt Ellen ( Tumbler, Bravo, Exterminator) but Lincoln Peak (Castlerock Chair)is great too. Have Fun!
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Marked Runs: Rumble & Steins.
Instructors: I am planning on doing something with John Egan myself at some point.
Restaurants: We never hang out long enough since we stay near Killington, but we always have a beer at the Blue Tooth.

If this system turns into some good snow, get to MRG on one of those days!

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My wife and I were supposed to check in this past Tuesday night at the Sugarbush Inn but her mother was in the hospital for heart surgery so we had to postpone for a week.

We will be checking in next Tuesday which might be better anyway after all these little snow storms.

Although it would have been nice to wake up to 10 inches of fresh snow this past Wednesday.
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First, the skiing...
Lincoln Peak- Anything off of Castlerock Chair. Egan's Woods, Twist, Steins
Mt. Ellen- Exterminator, Hammerhead, Tumbler
(i gather from your sig you like bumps)

Food: The Hearth@the inn, Hyde Away, John Egan's Big World
Fun: Hyde Away, Mad Mountain Tavern, Blue Tooth, The Phoenix

We got at least 5" new yesterday and conditions are very good right now. Looks like you'll get a bit of fresh snow tues into wed! E
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