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Mt. Hood vs. Mt. Bachelor

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Anyone ski at both areas. WHich resort do you like better and why? I'm looking for steeps, glades and powder. I don't care about the terrain park or cruising slopes. Thx. Oh yeah, if I'm in Salem, Or I guess Mt. Hood is closer, but howmuch closer? Is there anyway to get to either place w/o driving? Jake.
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You haven't given us much info. Are you considering a move to Salem or will you be there over the next month and looking for a place to ski?

My preference is Bachelor. Just far enough east of the Cascade crest that the snow is usually dryer. And Bachelor is 100 miles further than Mt.Hood areas for me. From Salem you would go through Detroit Lakes and over Santium(sp? ) to get to Bachelor. probably 140 miles versus 110 to Meadows.

Sorry, I don't know of a way to get to either without a car. There are probably buses to Mt.Hood from Portland but I've never bothered to investigate. Take a look at the web pages for Timberline, Mt. Hood Meadows and Mt. Bachelor.
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Thanks powder-

I'll prob. go to college out in Salem (Willamette). Have to decide by Monday [img]smile.gif[/img] So I'll be there all winter! I won't have a car so I'll just have to find friends that drive. Thanks for the info. It didn't look like there was a lot of terrain on Mt. Hood Meadows Resort compared to Mt. Bachelor. Is that true? Thx
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Originally posted by kb1dqh:
It didn't look like there was a lot of terrain on Mt. Hood Meadows Resort compared to Mt. Bachelor. Is that true? Thx
You'll undoubtedly get varying opinions. We're all biased by our own backgrounds and preferences. Having skied in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, BC for 40 years and Oregon for four years I have a strong preference for dryer snow. For me the preference is more in the quality of the snow (the name is "powder"junkie not Rainman). You'll find much of Bachelor can be shutdown due to wind at times. But I prefer wind to rain. Certainly Meadows has some great terrain and does get a lot of excellent snow too. Being a day skier you can pick and choose a little.

Have you checked to see if Willamette has a ski club? I just did a search of Willamette's web page and came up with this. Geez. Looks like college credit for skiing. Maybe I could sign up for some post-doctoral work. Gives new meaning to PHD (piled higher and deeper).

Keep in touch with the Oregon Bears. We're pretty active at both Hood and Bachelor.

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Powder J-

SWEEETT. That's what I'm talkin about! [img]smile.gif[/img] thx for finding that. I guess the best way is not to go for a seasons pass and just buy day tickets at different resorts. Hope to meet up with the oregon bears next winter! (Any maybe bumm rides? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I wholeheartedly endorse PJ's recommendation --

I've been in the northwest for 8 years now and skied with Crystal Mtn., Mt. Baker, and Mt. Bachelor as my "home" mountains during that time. Mt. Hood is comparable to Baker -- heavy wet snow with an occasional day of rain or fog instead. Stick with Bachelor -- it is worth the extra travel time. Mt. Hood is best reserved for summer race training, in my opinion....
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Mt. Bachelor for the reasons others have given.
Mt. Hood is great if you want to ski in the summer and the Timberline Lodge is historic and : . But for skiing Bachelor is better.
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You'll make lots of friends at Williamette and end up going where your buddies feel like going. Somebody's folks will have a place to crash in Bend, so you'll go to Bachelor, or the school will be running a midweek van over to Meadows and you'll buy a package and get to explore Mt. Hood that way. Either place, you'll find you can get an unbelievable amount of vertical. Have fun and welcome to Oregon!
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thx for the info- do I really have to wait until next ski season to see for myself?? AAHHHHHHH!
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Originally posted by kb1dqh:
do I really have to wait until next ski season to see for myself??
You can always make a fact finding trip over Memorial Day and catch the closing at Bachelor.
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hmmmmmmmmmmmm...maybe i can hop a flight in the luggage department...wish me luck...
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Hey I was scanning this thread with the same questions as you. I just made my decision I go to Willamette next year and I was wondering which mountain was better for free skiing. Willamette has a ski club but I'm not sure how active it is. Hope you choose Willamette it sounds pretty cool smile.gif
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The closest skiing to Willamette University is Hoodoo, http://www.hoodoo.com, a funky, fun little mountain known more for its snow quantity than quality. Its about 85 miles away, close enough for short day trips.


Between Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor, few people in Oregon would hesitate to take Bachelor over Hood mainly because of snow quality & terrain but also because of smaller crowds on weekends. The drive to Bachelor is 45 minutes longer, a bit over 3 hours in good weather, but can be much longer if a winter storm is hitting Santiam Pass.

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Wow, a 10-year thread bump.


Mt Hood Meadows has a lot of everything and the elevation is high enough it doesn't rain all that much most of the year.  I've had absolutely awesome snow there.  Heather Canyon rocks for expert terrain, the rest of the mountain is more of long cruising groomers.  Meadows is also very very very very crowded on weekends.   Very Very uncrowded during the weekday.   Night skiing is great (also more night skiing at Ski Bowl at nearby Government Camp).


Bachelor does have higher elevation, drier snow (usually) but also has wind hold and storm recovery issues more often.  The NW and Outback terrain is among my favorite of any ski area I've visited. Other than that and the Summit, Bachelor is a pretty mellow intermediate resort.  Bachelor is usually not crowded, as it doesn't have the day traiffic from the Portland metro area.


Also don't overlook Hoodoo, on the way to Bend from Salem.  Probably takes an hour 45 to get there vs. 3 hours to Bachelor, or 2 hours 15 to get to Meadows 

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