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Mt Hood

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anyone here ever been to oregon and ski Mt Hood?
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Yes i have.
Two years ago after our season here in Utah, myself and two friends spent 3 days there. Two days at Hood Meadows, and one day at Timberline.
Hood Meadows aka MHM, is the better of the two resorts, alot of differant terrain. Timberline, was in my own thoughts mostly groomers on a glacier. But still fun.
Snow conditions were way differant that what we Utah skiers prefer.So pay attention to the snow reports there.
Also both resorts do put thier upper mtn lifts on weather hold often.
Both resorts are located 65 miles east of Portland. But there are hotels in Goverment Camp, Or Which you pass thru on the way to both areas.
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Originally posted by pocketrocket:
anyone here ever been to oregon and ski Mt Hood?
Was at Timberline Aug 3 and Sept 1. Easy skiing on hard snow, slightly softening late. Consistant moderate pitch to mid-station. It was fantastic, couldn't stop grinning. I have no clue about the area in winter, but can't be beat for summer fun.
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I have been to Oregon and skied Mt. Hood. hope that helps!

I love these easy questions.
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actually, i live in portland, i just wanted someone elses opinion.

the worst part is the 2-3 hour drive up there, and the 5 hour drive back (damn traffic).

i prefer meadows to timberline mostly because timberline is too flat and easy.

my favorite run on meadows is a-zone in heather canyon, and some others off of shooting star are ok, but the runs get boring after a while.
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I, too, reside in Portland.

Dude, WTF?! 2-3 hours up and 5 back?!

At what time do you leave? Takes me, a little over an hour on a bad day to get there and the about the same time for the return. Hint: leave early to avoid Gaper Gridlock! If you start skiing at or around 8:00A., you can pretty much be done by 1:00-2:00 P. Bail then and you're back home before dark.

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I've heard the place is pretty schweet in the summer...

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