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Closing dates for....

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With Vail closing down for the season April 18th, I'm thinking of returning to my roots for two weeks of spring skiing right afterwards.
(Plus it'll be a good excuse to visit family and do some work on my house...)

Does anybody know the closing dates for Kirkwood, Squaw, Alpine, etc? Just hoping to get out and play in the corn...
Anybody want to join me?

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If anything is open I'd love to try to catch up with you. I'll be back in UT the week of April 11-18 and then home for the rest of April.

I have not seen the projected closings yet for any of the Sierra resorts.

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Closing Dates? Why are you Colorado guys thinking about closing. We will probably make it to July 4th here at Mammoth, so expect Alpine to be going strong through May.
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