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Eastern PA tomorrow - where?

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Any recomendations for skiing around Poconos? We use to drive to Vermont or upstate NY, but with the winter storm already hitting roads had to look for something closer to our home in New Jersey. I never skied in PA before and will appreciate an advice: what's suitable for upper intermediate/expert skiers and has a manageable crowd on a weekend? Thanks,
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Not sure if this finds you in time... But Blue Mt. just North of Allentown is my favorite in PA. They market a lot less, so its a little less crowded, and lesser known that JF, BB, Camelback. They have a few good runs skiers left of the quad. Nothing to write home about, but a decent place to get a few turns in.

Decent bar at the upper lodge.

Elk is also very good, but much farther north.
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Thanks 420, that was the two mountains I was considering myself. Nice name [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] but don't you have to increment it every too often?
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Blue used to be cool. Weekdays aren't too bad, but weekends - YUK, you spend 2/3s of your time wating in line. If they're still not advertising, word of mouth sure did the trick! I could only stand to be there a few times last year. It was outrageously packed. I ended up going to NY whenever possible. I haven't been this year yet - I'm waiting on a follow up MRI.
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