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Calling for Steamboat expert

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We are planning to Steamboat this Springbreak. There are 2 lodging option;
Storm Meadows Condos
Shadow Run Condos

For those wo stay there before, which do you suggest?
I believe Storm Meadow is a ski in/ ski out
Shadow Run is a shuttle ride. But in term of quality of the apartment. Which is better?

btw Can you walk from Shadow Run to the lift?
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I stayed in the Storm Meadows Condos over Christmas and loved it there. They are ski in/ski out, however the trail to get to the slopes is fairly narrow and hidden. Depending on which condo you stayed in, you may have to skate along the trail for a ways before you get to the downhil portion of it. They have signs up warning you not to walk on the trail as it causes dammage to the trail. Also, watch out for the people who like to stop on the trail(or fall down), and turn sideways so no one can pass.

We stayed in building C when we were there, and were able to ski right on and off the trail. One thing about the condos I did not lile were the ski lockers. Maybe I'm paranoid about my ski equipment, but I don't like keeping my skis in the ski locker, especially when the door to the room is broken.

We had a 1BR with a Den condo, which was easily big enough for 5 people, and I slept on the couch(with I prefer). Although my brother and sister complained of the single beds being uncomfortable. There was easily enough dinning room to eat in if you want to do that instead of going out. The pool area for the complex is also nice. They have a large hot tub (15 people maybe), and a nice pool

The shuttle for the condos is a little slow, and even though it is supposed to pick you up every 20 minutes, I felt as though it often ran behind. It is actually quicker to walk to Ski Time Square than it is to take the bus, and that time of year, it probably won't be too cold outside. Instead of walking down the road, walk behind the building toward the ski slopes behind the ski access trail, and through a hotel looking building that has underground parking. It will deposit you at the end of Ski Time Square.

I have never stayed at the Shadow Run Condos.
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I'm going March 1st. I had looked at Shadow Run, then found Yampa View through Steamboatresorts.com We got a 2B 2 bath condo for roughly the same cost as Shadow and it seems to be in the same area, easily accesible to Ski Times Square via walking or shuttle.

Same amenities, hot tubs, laundry, etc. They look to be fairly nice. Yampa looks like we'll have more room for 4 adults than the 1B w/ loft/den at Shadow Run. I could be wrong, guess I'll find out in March!
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