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Suggestions on a good ski for my level.

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I haven't skied alot the past years and always rented my equipment. Im looking to go skiing alot this year and the years to come. Im a recreational intermediate skier, and Im not aggressive on the slopes yet. I want a ski to have fun on the slopes for my level and to be just as useful to me as I improve my technique and progress to a higher level. Im a quick learner. Anybody have any suggestions to what brand name, and model of ski that I should be looking at.
Any info would be useful to me.
Thanks in adavance.....
Oh, by the way, Im male, I ski groomed trails, weigh 5'7, and 160 lbs if it makes any kind of diff.
I live in Toronto, Canada and ski mountains around here once in a while (it could get icy), I head out to Quebec often, and Im heading to Tremblant this winter.
Looking forward to heading west next year to ski Whistler

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Thanks for posting your height, weight, approximate ability level, and what you want to ski - all of that DOES make a difference. Only two things are left out, and those are where you mostly ski [that is, in New England, in Pennslvania, Utah - you get the point], and what is your gender. Give us that information, and you'll see many suggestions. And WELCOME! Please post here often!
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O's right, more info'd help a little.
IF you "recreationally" ski the west, I'd say try the Salomon X-scream 9. Forgiving but with enough spunk to let you air it out once in awhile (NOT an ice ski by ANY means). Nice figure for easy carving but the wide tip will have you happy enough in the softer cut-up stuff and whatever foot-deep you come across.
Only thing is, when I've seen them, they're still costing more than you should be paying for a ski of this variety. Plenty of skis in this category will fill the bill.
Stay tuned.

edit: you'd be looking at this ski in a 169 or 177.

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If you are looking for a good ski that grips to ice try the HEAD Monster im70 and the Stockli SL. They maybe on the pricey side though. I was also in the market to buy new skis this year, and in Oz we had very icy conditions when I got to demo different skis. The above mentioned stood way out above the rest I tried.

The only thing is aparently I am quite an agressive skier. Don't be confused about the term agressive, as it doesn't necessarily mean you ski difficult terrain 'full-on', but it is just a way of describing your style of skiing - kind of like strong/powerful turns). I like to cruise, but have alot of power in my turns.

My final bit of advice is, to go to a ski shop that you trust, and ask them for their opinions, on different shapes and price range, that will suit your needs. Then when you get to the slopes, try to demo as many different pairs as you can. You will definately feel the difference between a pair you like and a pair you don't.

Good luck and remember to enjoy.
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If you ski mostly on groomed and mostly in the east, I assume Barrie and Blue mountain, on the ice, then stay away from any midfat ski. A "super carver", narrow waist would be best. Almost every company from Atomic to Volkl make a ski in this category. The faster you ski, the longer and/or stiffer the ski you may want to try. The more relaxed the skier you are the softer and/or shorter you want to go.

I would suggest you demo various lengths in one or two brands v. one length in several brands.

Check out web page for a good summary of a wide range of skis. I understand that the information about these skis is collected from everday skiers as opposed to pros who review skis in the mags.
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I can vouch for the Stockli SLR's they hold an edge like you wouldn't believe in hard stuff.
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Not 100% sure of the ski choice below, but for recreation, you might be able to get away with the Volkl 4-Star Supersport. If they have it in Canada, the Volkl 3-Star Supersport might be better since it'd be softer and less beefier than the 4-Star.

As for brand, I will stand by Volkl [img]smile.gif[/img] I believe that Volkl made/makes some of the best, if not the best, skis on the market. P40 of a few years back, Crossrangers, G31, Renntiger, etc. Even now, with systems and such, i think volkl has the best thing out there (just personal opinion mind you). The motion system really does work. They've been doing that system for 4 seasons or so now. It REALLY makes a ski easier to ski. You might also like the Volkl Carver Motion. Best thing to do is, though, try to demo a bunch of skis. Here's what I recommend:
1. Volkl T50 4-Star Supersport
2. Volkl T40 3-Star Supersport (if it's available in Canada)5
3. Atomic C9
4. Salomon X-Scream 9
5. Volkl Carver Motion

Hope this helps!
MelloBoy [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Another few cents worth:

Since you say:
"I live in Toronto, Canada and ski mountains around here once in a while (it could get icy), I head out to Quebec often, and Im heading to Tremblant this winter."

Aim to get a ski that performs well on hardpack. Many skis that do very well on hard snow can be a lot of fun in moderately deep snow, but the opposite is not usually true, especially at the intermediate/advanced levels. Just in case no one has mentioned this to you, you would do well at this point in your career to stay well under 180cm in length, but try not to go too short either, i.e. under 160cm.
1) The Fischer Race RC (a ski from last year that you might find a deal on) would be an excellent choice (165cm?): good hold on ice, but not nearly as stiff as true race skis (so soft enough to absorb some bumps), a wide front shovel (so fun in softer snow too).
2) This year's Fischer Race SC (165cm? - not the 'World Cup' model) or the Sceneo S400 (165cm?)would be very good choices for the same reasons.
3) Some one mentioned the Volkl Supersport T50 Four Star: right on - a great choice (168cm).
4) In the Atomic line you might check out the 10.20 (R10.20 this year), 170cm.

Check out Peter Keelty's 'Tech Support for Skiers' website - it is non-commercial which helps make the reviews more reliable:

And speaking of reliable, 2 places you might contact to check on prices (and to get some more advice) would be Cupolo Sports in Niagara Falls, Ontario (they sell and ship worldwide cheap): Cupolo's Sports 5510 Ferry Street Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2G 1S4 Tel: 905-356-4850 Fax: 905-356-5699 csports@sprint.ca

Skitrader.com Tel: 877 289 7545 This is the online store for Skiis & Biikes - several stores around Canada including Toronto. They also sell ans ship worldwide cheap.

Good luck!
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