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I just returned from Whistler/Blackcomb and the trip was great. We went up with 29 adults and 3 kids. The group ranged from mid 20's to my Dad at 72 years. 2 infants (just under a year) and 1 Child, 4 3/4 as he would correct me.

It had just dumped right before we got there ( I'm told there was a class 4 Avalanche just before the weekend in a closed area) and there were plenty of stashes of powder in the trees. With the help of a guide/instructor from Extremely Canadian on Monday we found even more fun deep crud/powder on the back side of the Glacier.

I shadowed the intermediate classes that we had set up and learned a lot of neat exercises that I now have to start trying. I also got some great tips for myself as an instructor as well as just free skiing.

The snow held up quite well and the weather Monday dropped in to the single digits. 5 degrees F.

It then began to warm up and it started to snow on Wed and continued to snow through the weekend so we had plenty of powder although nothing more than ankle deep. It was great for all. Of course there were all the normal ice patches in the high traffic areas but nice sharp edges and good balance keep most of us moving quite well. (Tried some Crossmax 10 pilots [img]smile.gif[/img] see my review in the gear review section)

Except for Sunday, the lines were quite tame.

I highly recommend Extremely Canadian if you are with a group and can travel well together around the mountain. 535.00 CDN for a day will get you the guide.. With 5 people that is like a semiprivate for 80.00 (USD) per person. or if you get 2 groups of 5 each and split the day Morning and afternoon you get half day semi privates for about 40.00 (USD) per person. You get lift line priority and they will take you places you didn't think to look for.

Our accomodations were at the Greystone Lodge in the upper village which afforded us ski in/ski out access to the hill. The walk to the village is about 5-10 minutes Great location with fair amenities but the service could have been better.

Also if you plan to go there, Consider hard if you want to drag your equipment up there. If you are between equipment or looking to purchase new equipment, Go demo some High Performance skis. the cost for a 6 day rental (skis/poles only) if you order on line was only 85.00 USD! after taxes(you have to do this 3 days in advance) It's actually cheaper to do 6 days than 5 due to the multi-day discount. With the Hi Performance package, you can swap skis on the hill or at any of the locations in the village. No limit to how many skis you take out. Talk about a bargin.

The mountain is huge so you will probably never run out of places to ski. and right now, the snow is fantastic...