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are you going to cancle your ski vacation?

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In light of what has happened, is there any one going to cancle thier ski trips for the up coming season, or are you just going to sit back and what to see what happens?
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No change in plans. Hope to finagle a trip to Tahoe through work though. Probably drive it just as a convenience preference.


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Depends............anybody know what the best
runs in Afghanistan are?
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can't let someone elses hate stop my life. It may be a little more effort but I'm still going..
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No way. I'm skiing. Even if airfare gets higher, I'm going west for a week.
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Living well is the best revenge.

Stand Proud, America!
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I confirmed and paid for the trip to Fernie for Mrs. Skicrazy and myself the day after the attack. If we change our lives and allow last Tuesday to stop those things that we hold dearest, then THEY win. And there's no way THEY are going to win.
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We are still booked for our trip to Canada next Feb/Mar. The biggest risk at this time is our national carrier, Air New Zealand is in major financial strife, so the airpoints I have used to book our tickets might not be of any value. Fingers crossed the government will bail them out.

We will definitely review wether it is safe for us to travel or not closer to the time. We spend about 20 hours in the air over 4 separate flights to get from our home town in New Zealand to Calagry. That must increase the chances of problems.
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I'm really not sure now.
I've got to pay the final amount on a 4 week trip to Colorado at the end of October. If I cancel after that date or if there are no transatlantic flights due to a war then I lose $3500 and my insurance won't cover it.

I know that's a small price compared to all those lives which have been lost but it is all the money I have (and a lot more borrowed!).
Other option is to change the booking to a Swiss resort cos historically they've been sensible enough to stay out of wars!
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I can't see how they would stop all transatlantic flight. It might be harder to get here and might be some extra costs and inconvience but I doubt it will ground all flights. Also if it gets that bad I think we all have a lot more to worry about than skiing.
I hope and pray it does not get to that point for everyone's sake.<FONT size="1">

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Yeah you're probably right Dchan - I'm just overeacting. It's just that I'm terrified of flying at the best of times, and this is far from the best of times! The idea of getting the train to Switzerland is therefore tempting. Only problem is I've skied all over Europe but the US and Canada have been my best vacations by far. It's the people who make the biggest difference to me and everywhere I've been in North America the locals have been enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming. The instruction is also the best.
The prospect of a CO Bears gathering just makes it even better!
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In view of the speech I heard #1` give last night, I will answer you query with this response. -- I will feel safe until we fire the first shot at the civilian population in Afghanistan, and after that the only safe form of transportation will be walking alone in the boonies!!!. ... Seems like a lot people think this 'bluffing' game will simmer the pot, but after having lived in the Middle East, I am betting that this will just raise the stakes in a 'loose-loose' game with little or no rules! Fear is something most of us have no experience with, and we will be taking on people who still live in a feudalistic society that teaches everyone how to deal with fear at the earliest of ages. I really fear what our heroic actions in the coming days could send into our homeland. The short response to your query is: If we fight, I won't see snow this year!
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I run a ski group every year of a bunch of fellow instructors and their friends. Last year about 70 of us went to Whistler. This year I had 45 signed up for our trip to ValDIsere, FR, and then the terrorists let loose. I have had 13 cancellations, but I'm still going!
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no way jose, I travel extensively for work, if I have to fly for work, traveling for skiing will be a pleasure.
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I think flying is going to be safer then as it is now.

I am still evaluating the possible increased hassels with all the baggage. No carry ons, and curb side check in...wondering how that is going to effect travel for a ski vacation, plus are they going to let us really take our skis with us ?

In any event I usualy travel out west in early spring, and perhaps by then things will be closer to normal but with better scrutiney, and minimal increased hassels.

So, I guess it is a wait and see approach.
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I'm just waiting to see when my buddies can make it out to utah to meet me. Still planning on a March 7-16 trip so far. Going to book my flight in the next week or two, then plan the hotel stays.

I saw someone mention no carry-ons, check with your carrier, some are still allowing the carry-on plus briefcase and or pocketbook. Think each airline has it's choice in this.
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I agree with Jane! I have to fly for work, so flying for pleasure is always a nice change of pace. However, we have decided to forgo our trip to Indonesia in October, as the state department has posted a pretty strong travel warning for the region (see link below).

We have been to Indonesia several times (including times of Indonesian unrest) and have never felt threatened, however with things as they stand right now, prudence is dictating that I limit my travel plans to domestic locations for the time being.
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still plannin on driving up the canyon every week mid nov till june.
Also still planning on being @ aspen highlands for opening day in mid Dec.
luckily none of my skiing involves flying.
Of course if I some how get an AK heli trip I would not think 2x about flying.
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Hell friggin NO!

I'm making more plans. Of course there's Fernie in Feb. Then next summer I'm thinking about either New Zealand or Argentina.

Ski more, not less!
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Absolutely NOT! If those bastards want to rid the world of this wintersports-nut they had better be able to hit a skiing target!!!
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