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Snowmass ski shops

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Anybody have any advice on good shops in snowmass for both demos and working on skis? I'm gonna be there in a few weeks and am going to need routine ski servicing and I want to demo more K2s. From my past experience at Whistler I've learned that not all ski shops are as good as others! Binding screws bulging out the bottom, wax not scraped off, etc. Thanks, ski doc
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Christy Sports on the mall in Snowmass was my favorite 2 years ago. Scott who runs the rentals is a star ( I see you are from Hawaaii, also operated the "hunting shop" on Kawaii)
Mike & Sambo fit great boots & Their tuning was done out of house by a company at the airport. If you need serious work done on your skis, there is a store next to them on the tpp level ( I forget the name ) that does great work on skis.

good start there.
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there is a ski shop right next to the silvertree that we were told was excellent but we were stupid and went somewhere else toward the end of the mall(away from the slopes)....i can't remember the name but it was recommended by a friend who has a condo at snowmass AND it is close to the slope for easy adjustments...
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Thanks for the info, I'll check them out. skidoc
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If you can make it over to Aspen Highlands mall, I would head over to Durrance Sports. The Durrance name says it all and I know some pros at Aspen get work done there. You won't be disappointed at all!!

Aspen Highlands Mall/Durrance Ski Shop
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