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A-Basin, Improvements, Noooooooo

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The Lenawee double chair lift will be re-placed by a triple chair. This is the first on mountain capital improvement since 1978. Some of you weren’t even born yet!

I have mixed feelings about this. Perhaps Todd is right about all this growth in Colorado.
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When I was back in Colorado a few weeks ago -I found that it was easier than ever to say goodbye to it (for anybody new to the forum - I worked in the ski industry in CO for 12 years).

I think the San Juans are still a paradise, (thats where our families ranch is) and that area is still the largest undeveloped mountain wilderness in the lower 48 states!

But the front range . . . . my god - its turning into a cesspool! Developers control the politics and if ask about "zoning" they look at you like you are a communist.

Like I've said before, not much longer and from Ft. Collins down to Pueblo will be a 150+ mile long city.<FONT size="1">

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Growthin the Park Ciyt area has takin off like a bt out of hell.
14 years ago when i first went to work up there, the only thing at the junctionof I-80, and the road into Park City, was a gas station and a hotel. Now you have under the sun. Fast food, strip malls, wal and kmarts. mOre hotels.
As the saying says, money talks bull*hit walks. I miss the days of having to go to salt lake to do my shopping.
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what TR said!
Utah politicians have never met a development project they didn't like.

Hw many 3rd & 4th homes have been built @ DV in that time too.

The construction @ snowbird is only underway on the new lift in mineral, the monstrosity @ the top must still be in legal battles.
( I was just up there)
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Heard a great story in C.Springs when I was out there recently. Apparently a development company hired a geologist to check out the stability of a mountain-side they wanted to throw high dollar houses on. The geologist found that the hillside was unstable and actually slowly sliding . . . so they fired him and found a geologist who said it was "fine". They are now building it!
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Todd you know the same type of thing happened on the hills near Golden. The area had been designated a slide risk therefore no permits to build could be issued. Somehow the developers got it changed and they built huge homes. Well the ground moved and underground gas pipes started to crack. After various "fixes" they were unable to stabilize the area. All the homes were bulldozed. Still in a court somewhere I suspect.

BTW it is a gorgeous day here in Denver, still loving it. My little neck of the woods does not change much.
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The California style of building houses on the side of every available hillside is definately taking over in Colorado. I don't know much about the mountains on the Front Range but The San Juans are among the younger mountain ranges in the world. There are active Fumeroles on top of Wolf Creek Ski area that melt the snow and you'll see steam issuing from them when you hike out along the ridgeline sometimes.

Anyways, with the mountains in that area so active - the CA style of hillside suburbinization seems even more dangerous!

Oh, also apparently Colorado Springs has one woman to thank for its bizzare concentration of right-wing/religious orgnizations. Some lady on the town council apparently courted these groups, many of whom were in Southern CA - and successfully got them to transplant to C.Springs. Groups like "Focus on the Family" and such.
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Oh My. Focus on the Family... Don't even get me started. I love the "Focus on your own Damn Family" bumper stickers.
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And "Hate is not a Family Value" another sticker out there.

I took the FOTF tour a couple of weeks ago! Their campus is a very, very bizarre place I'm writing an article about it for a local Vermont magazine. Working title is "Heart of Darkness".

I actually quit working at a radio station as a DJ years ago because the new owner who came in had us playing a daily FOTF hour - and "Dr." James Dobson can only be listened to for a certain number of hours before insanity sets it (too late for me). But I had to listen to the satellite feed to be ready for commercial breaks - so I couldn't just turn down the monitor volume and read or something. It was traumatic!
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I bet it was. Let us know how to access the article.
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