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Aspen trip???

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Going out west for the first time to Aspen, Is there a place were i could demo several differnt ski's in one day without spending a small fortune. Am staying at the Inn At Aspen which is at Buttermilk mountain. What i want to demo since i didnt get a chance to here in the east because of lack of snow are:
Atomic Beta Race 9.16 in both 160 and 170 length, Atomic Beta Ride 10.20 and 11.20 180 length. and if possable the Head slalom World Cup Ti 165 length and the Fischer Worldcup SC in 163 length. Plus maybe the Bandtit XX at 177 length.

What am hoping to find is pay one price to demo several differnt ski's in one day if there is such a thing. I have never been to Aspen or out west for that matter so be specific if possable on were there is such a place if at all. If not i would at least like to demo the Atomic 9.16 race ski.

Be in Aspen Feb 26 to march 5th.
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Best place for selection and service as it is right under the Gondola and you can ski down switch skis and get back up in time for a few runs.

It is pricey to get the best stuff, but you will thank them in the end, cause you can ski two or three pair a day!
Tell them what you want to do and they will work with you, unless it is really busy.
(oh yeah and tip!)
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Dr Go is this Gorsuch place at Aspen mountain(ajax)?? Any idea what they charge to demo some ski's for the day??
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