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Help A Semi-Newbie Choose Skis

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I'm looking for some advice on what skis to get. Here's my situations:

I'm a 2nd year skier in Utah. I got to the point last year where I could ski any blue and most groomed blacks. I was told near the end of last season (by an instructor at Brighton) that I'm at "Level 7".

I just bought my season pass to Snowbird. I plan on skiing 3 times per week this year. I want to better myself allround, and probably focus a little more on bumps. Though I definitely don't want a designated "mogul" ski. I spend too much time with friends on the weekends who won't even look at the bumps.

The two things that are most important to me are size and weight. I'm pretty determined to stick with a ski between 163 and 165 in length, and I like a fairly lightweight ski.

I'm looking for recommendations on what skis to buy. If you have suggestions on where to buy them (preferably online) I'm definitely all ears.


Reverend Poppy
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Rev Poppy,

Last season I demoed the Rossi T Power Cobra, which is meant to be skied pretty short. I demoed 174 cm which was the longest available. At 5'10" 165 # it was plenty for me. It was great for short radius turns on groomed and bumps, and was surprisingly stable at higher speeds in medium and long turns. I didn't think it was as good in powder and crud, but that could just be me - I'm used to a wider waisted ski. It was a fun ski, and as I recall the retail price was not too bad. There is a similar ski in this year's line, but based on what I read in the SKI Buyer's Guide it has been beefed up a bit in price and presumably performance. I don't know about online sales, never looked into it.
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I bought that ski last season as well.
I got it in 167.
I'm fairly heavy for a skier @ 230lbs and it worked fine for me. I like them a lot.

Once caveat though...

I'm an eastern skier.

How well the cobra works out west, I just don't know.
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Well i think the cobra mite be to stiff a ski for moguls. But since i never skied it maybe it would be ok in moguls. I would think about a K2 Axis X, works great in the moguls since its relativley not real stiff. Ski buyers guide agrees about moguls for the Axis X. Plus it would be great through the crud and limited powder use. Plus its got plenty of grip especialy for out west type snow. Great all mountain ski!! Demo it!
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The T Power Cobra is not at all stiff, it is made for int. skiers, and is pretty forgiving. The T Power Viper is the stiffer one, although still not a race ski. The Axis X is a great bump ski, especially for the skilled, at speed, but it is stiffer than a Cobra. The T Power Cobra is a more forgiving take on the shorty slalom ski, and can be skied quite short. The Axis X is a freeride ski for good skiers, who spend a lot of time off piste and on. K2 does not have a detuned version of their shorty slalom, the Mach S. For Level 7, an Axis would seem a better choice, than an Axis X, and has more float in pow, with a 111 tip vs. 107 0n the X. It is a bit softer too.
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You will hear so many opinions here that you may well become confused. Do a little research and talk to ski instructors that you have met and trust. After you have done this demo three or four pairs before making a purchase.

My two cents would be one of the Fischer freerides. The Freeride 68 is a good "allround" ski.
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Salomon X-Scream 7 is one that's been recommended to me by a friend. They make it in my size, and the price isn't bad. What are your thoughts on this ski for someone of my ability level?

Reverend Poppy
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Havn't been on their product in six years so I can't talk intelligently. Demoed one of the X-screams last year and wasn't impressed.
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Some of the reviews I've read about them seem to indicate that it's a good ski for us out-of-shape guys.

Reverend Poppy
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For utah xscreams might be fun. I'm on them now. the first time I demoed them (several years ago) I was not impressed either but after correcting some issues with my skiing and getting my skis on edge better I tried the X scream Series again. this time I loved them. I think I used to ski them in the back seat and that was a major problem but since my balance has gotten better and I have learned to ski them in the "sweet spot" they have been a great ski. As an intermediate skier you might want to demo the Xscream 8 too. you might find that the 7 is a little soft for you.
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Rev, I have seen some excellent deals out there on some of last seasons K2 mod 7/8?(the red mod from last season.)I have seen them priced around $350.00 and must of the ski shops will really deal this time of year to get a little cash flow going.The garts sale starts this weekend and they also will have some great skis for good prices.I saw a pair of volants Mc G's in 183 I think?, used and drilled with out bindings. They were at the Legacy ski shop at Park City resort for $175.00. Bottoms and edges looked in vary good shape.For what it is worth I think the K2 Axis and or Axis x would serve you well for most of your skiing here in Utah.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Rev, you're in demo heaven out west! I'd narrow your search to either Atomic 9.18 or 9.22, or K2 Axis or Axis X (same as last year's Mod 7/8 and Mod X). They're all great all mountain performers and light weight. The 9.18 is more of a carver versus the 9.22's groomer and off piste capability. The Axis X will be a bit more snappy than the Axis. I pro rep Atomic here in the East, and I have property in PC and ski out there every year. Any of these skis will serve your needs well. Try'em out and go with your comfort zone.
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Thanks for the help gang. I'm going to go out looking over the next few days. I'm going to seek all those you mentioned and see who can come closest to the size I want at a descent price.

Reverend Poppy
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The Xscream 7 is a sweet ski! I am a good skier and I took it out with two friends who are not nearly as good as I am. It brought them up some levels while I had a relaxed easy day of nice cruising. It is good in bumps as it is light and nimble. It will work in powder but it is soft so it'll get pushed around a bit. I wanted to buy it cuz I liked it so much but it really wasn't what I needed. I swap between the Bandit X and the Fischer Altrax 74 (say bandit xx but stiffer)<FONT size="1">

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