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Opinions on Sunshine

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For the benifit of those coming to the Bear Fernie meeting and were thinking of checking out banff for a day or two, I thought it would be good to start a thread on Sunshine. The big change this year for those of you that have been there before is the gondola has been replaced with a high speed 8 person model. Replaces 6 person slow speed which causes big bottle neck at bottom of hill.

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Thanks! Out of the 3 resorts in that area, Sunshine sounds like the one I will like the most!
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I was up there 2 years ago and had a blast. We skied Sunshine 2 of the 5 days. There is much for everyone. Dellerium Dive wasn't open but the funnel from it was...This was a blast, it was like skiing down a bobsled run, about 3' wide and about 2 miles long. be weary of the 10' waterfall in the middle, it can catch you off guard. Keep an eye out for powder stashes.. they are all over.

Also you will have to ski "cleavage".

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Sunshine can be really fun; espescially on a powder day. Check out Mt.Standish for bumps, and Continental Divide for wide open bowl skiing (ByeBye Bowl). If theres lots of snow GO TO the Shoulder; a nice soft stash that can be hard to get to but is really fun.
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Lisamarie - You'll love Sunshine.

All natural snow, high alpine meadows and lots of variety in the terrain. At what I understand your level to be, Sunshine offers a great selection of runs, and the chance to move up in difficulty in measured steps.

Always keep your speed up, because it's sometimes a long flat run to a chair, but as you gain confidence, you can find the steeps.

Its also got the only on-hill accomodation in the park, but I would tend to think the social activities are pretty limited. A lot of locals will bow out at 3:00 or so, seems a whiteout always blows in around that time.
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Keep an eye on the web cam here (at least during mountain daylight hours):

Sunshine web cam

New gondola seems to be coming along. Snow is piling up on the Goats Eye!

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My good friend and expert skier went to Sunshine Village 2 years ago and found nothing groomed - only powder runs. He had brought the wrong skis and had to learn to ski in deep snow for the first time in this New Englander's life. Consider this before commiting to Sunshine Village.
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Methinks that if you were going to fernie that is what you'd be looking for. But isn't that what anyone would want when they come out west? Don't get me wrong Sunshine doesn't have the steeps that Fernie has. Well other than the dive which you need a avie transmitter and shovel to access.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dougw:
[Snip...] Don't get me wrong Sunshine doesn't have the steeps that Fernie has. Well other than the dive which you need a avie transmitter and shovel to access.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Bzzzt! But thanks for playing.

Facing the Goat's Eye, trails get steeper from right to left, and then again away around to the right. I gotta believe you can find anything your sphincter can handle. At either place. BTW, I think the track _into_ Fernie's Face Chutes is scarier than the run itself!!

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LisaHardt - I gotta let you know, if your pal found nothing groomed, and only deep powder, (s)he was seeing last night's snow! Yes, sometimes it can get that deep, that fast.

Sunshine grooms, just like anywhere else. Not every run every night, but lots of it.
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Ah, Lisa, you are a trouble maker indeed! When I've skied Whistler, and at Jay this year when there was actually real west coast style powder, it was certainly challenging. We are actually going to Sunshine and Lake Louise before meeting the gang at Fernie.

So I asked my boot fitting guy if my Volkl Carver XSCAPES were suitable for powder, and he saod not really. Looks like I'll need a second pair of skis. :
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Lisamarie, The chances of needing powder skis at Sunshine or Lake Louise is not very great. The crews up there try to get out and groom some runs for the skiers regardless of when the snow falls. The bigger problem might be weather conditions if you do catch one of those big dumps. The term 'Sunshine' is a real misnomer for the area a lot of the time. It is my favorite area to ski, but you have to be prepared to take on any kind of weather you can concieve of, if you are determined to ski all day long. Most of the good skiing is above treeline, and poor visual conditions are probably more the rule than the exception.>>>> BUT,.. when the weather clears, it truly is a little piece of heaven!! Good Luck [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Sunshine has been my personal season finale in early May last season. Norquai was already closed, Lake Louise had water skiing and dirt jumping, but Sunshine still had good conditions. I enjoyed it a lot, skied everything i could find. They have nice open slopes on Goats' Eye Mountain, and i also liked the trees and runs below Ecstasy.
BTW: i wonder if anybody in this thread skied the delirium dive...
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On our last trip to Canada, Sunshine was our last day. We spent most of it on Goats Eye, and had a great day. We skied Cleveage a few times, easy to see why it gots it name when you ski between two big rocks - we had to take a photo!

Sunshine certainly has plenty for everyone, I would not like it on a snowboard because you can end up poling to get between areas a bit. We were not up to Delirium Dive, kept looking out from Goats Eye to see if anyone else was game but did not see anyone, might have been closed.

I would not stay on the mountain, not enough happening.Glad to hear they have replaced the gondola, I confess to not feeling very safe in the old one, the towers did not look very strong.
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got into Delerium last year the second day it was open (I think it was April) First time in.... a bit intimidating, no pow on the main route and too risky in the untracked sections. Could see many small avys under rock bands. The top bit was nice and soft but it was really hot the day before, so the bottom part had melted then turned to rock hard crust for us Next time I get my hands on a scanner i'll get some pics although it was pretty crappy visibility. Very few people skiied it last year (just those of us who only had one chance to!)
As for the rest of Sunshine; you'll have a great time exploring all that it has to offer. As warned, watch out for the flat bits at the ends of some runs! A really fun tree run is called Star Trek, nice and short, not too difficult, usually holds some good pow.

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