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Utah and wind....

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Even though I've been to Utah 5-6 times, I don't recall having to ever endure any terrible conditions. If the wind is whipping up in Park City, which resort has the best layout to avoid the wind as much as possible? I'm guessing that Brighton's layout would be pretty good due to all the trees that line many of their runs....?
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If There is a strong wind with lots of snow chances are that Both Little and Big Cottenwood Canyons would be closed due to Avalanch Control. Ridge top winds at Snowbird can reach above 100 mph. There have been winds recorded up to 80 mph at Jupitor Peak. Your best bet is to just keep an eye on the weather and check out the resort web sights to see what is on wind hold.
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Wind is generally not a problem here. Occaisonally, the wind picks up before/during a storm, but settles once the front passes. If you do encounter a windy day, any Wasatch resort will have tree lined runs that will be fine. I wouldn't say Brighton is any better off than any other resort, and sometimes the canyons (LCC & BCC, not the resort) are worse off due to gap winds.

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Thanks for the input. I guess if we do run across wind, we'll just stay put and ski in the PC area.

I'm used to skiing Mammoth and Tahoe where wind may always be a factor. At Mammoth, you just deal with it but there are a couple resorts that are much better than others in Tahoe on a realy windy day.
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Jupiter bowl; PCMR. walled in on three sides and heavily treed.
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