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Its about that time of year

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Seems to happen around July- can't stop thinking about the upcoming season and start making plans for some trips . Most years can get out west 2 or 3 times. When I go alone or with friends typically head to Utah- usually Alta. Had a good time last year with the family ( including 7 and 3 year olds) at Steamboat. Was thinking about bringing everyone out to the Alta or the BIrd, but this year the family trip may be a little complicated. MY wife just had ACL surgery and is concerned she may not be up for much and is thinking about working in some cross-country. Trying to think of a place where all could have a good time and am open for suggestions.
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For family entertainment I don't think there is a place on the continent that can compare with the Lake Tahoe region. Sure the snow is a bit heavier, but the entertainment options within an hours drive of the lake could fill up many pages. The resorts out there realize their niche is well rounded entertainment, and have for the most part adjusted accordingly.
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I'm the same way. I just had to start reading up and dreaming about ski resorts this past week. Just last night we had some friends over and began to talk about where we're going skiing this year. We're in a similar situation as you. We usually have a pretty big group on our ski trip with everyone taking turns with child care. This upcoming year, though, a few of the wives (mine included) plan on having one in the oven so they won't be skiing. They want to be within walking distance to lots of fun family and adult activities so they don't have to schlepp all the little ones all over the place either on public transportation or having to drive them on snowy mountain roads. We're thinking of Vail. I know there are those on this forum that do not like Vail one bit but from a vacationer's and non-local's perspective, it's hard to beat. Been to Alta and the Bird and neither is all that family friendly as far as having activities for non-skiers. Tahoe is a good option as well. Good luck!
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