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skiing closed areas

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just a question, whats the rule on skiing closed resorts, I'm thinking of Brodie Mountain in Mass. It's closed for the year to skiers, but there'll still be snow. I was wondering, whats stopping a bunch of us from hiking up it after the HUGE snowstorms that we are due for this year, and skiing the powder thats bound to accumulate?
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I think it depends on whether the ski area is on private property or public land. If Brodie is on private property, I would be surprised if there weren't a lot "No Trespassing" signs at the entrance to the ski area. If it is on public land and used to operate by permit, you might be able to have unlimited access to the public property part of the area. Keep us posted on this, sounds interesting.
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I forgot to mention that brodie has "suspended opperations" for skiing only, it will still be open for tubing/snowshoing etc. Also my friends and i have 2-5-7 passes that were supposed to let us ski at brodie and jiminy peak. Since all thats closed at brodie is the lifts i think that we have a point that we're only using our passes. I'll keep you posted
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jiminy bought brodie and shut it down???

the rat bastards!

never did like that fairbanks or his obnoxious kid
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I've skinned up closed areas before, with no problems. But it's generally up to the owners. For example, Big Tupper (if I remember correctly) gets the police to chase away "backcountry" skiers.
My suggestion is to skin/ski first, ask questions later.
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