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cheap places to stay in VT?

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I'm starting to think about how to handle my trip back east and looking for suggestions for cheap places to stay in or near the ski areas in VT.

I will be flying into Boston on December 7 and headed for up to the ski areas either Friday afternoon or Saturday early morning and will be there through Monday driving back to boston Monday evening..

Thoughts or suggestions? Also I would be looking to rent demo skis so suggestions for where to dig that stuff up would be appreciated as well. I will probably only bring my boots with me.
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It's still too soon to guess where the best skiing surface will be then. Nobody sells out at that time of year so you're best off waiting 'til after Thanksgiving weekend to start your lodging search.
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If you go to Stowe you can easily spend a bundle on lodging unless you stay at Fosters Place-rooms are small(bunks) bathrooms down the hall(but there are three or four).Its clean and really close to the mountain.If you like to party you can roll down the driveway cross the street and be at the Matterhorn.The Roadhouse has decent food and lots of folks there on weekend nites for partying.http://www.fosters-place.com/main.html
.There is also a demo rental shop just up the road w/ all th latest skis.
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You didn't mention what ski area(s) you're headed to, or what you consider to be cheap.
Personally, I don't mind driving 30 or 40 minutes from an area to my bunk, so I would shy away from the places on or near the mountain.
You might want to consider "chain" hotels in the towns nearest the mountain, such as the Holiday Inn in Waterbury (for Stowe or MRG). You can stay at a Super 8 in Newport and still get to Jay within 30 minutes. A yahoo search in near-by towns will turn up some reasonable places too.
As for Demos, that would depend on the area as well.
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good point Hugo,

I don't mind driving a little because I'm not really planning on one specific resort. I was thinking mt Snow, Stratton or Killington. and was going to try to meet up with some of the NE bears. It's still all open to suggestions. I just know my flight is into Boston and I have saturday-monday to ski.

I guess cheap is relative. 100.00 a night in Chateaneuf du Pape was considered cheap!. I just need a place to plop my head and a bathroom and shower. hostels or bunks would be fine with me. Since my wife can't make it, I will be going singles so that will be a consideration to be aware of as well.

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Mt. Snow? Killington? Stratton?

I've got two words for you:

Cannon. Wildcat.
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are those small resorts in the area or places to stay?

I will be trying to ski early december and if they have snowmaking or early snow they would be a consideration but from what I have read on this forum so far, early December it is best to stick with the snowmakers. I wish I could come later in the season but my plans are to spend some time with my wife's family in Boston and once the holidays hit, I suspect it will be hard to get away from my commitment to Sugarbowl to be avail on the Holiday weekends.
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You guys aren't reading dchan's arrival date. MRG, Cannon, and Wildcat on December 7? Unlikely. I advised that he hold off 'til after Thanksgiving because there's absolutely no guessing who will have the best snow surface then. It could be one of the big snowmaking resorts like Flatton, Blow-kemo, K-Mart, or Someday Bigger. It could be Jay Peak. It could be Sugarloaf.

In early December, there are good lodging deals everywhere.

Depending on where you go and what the cover is like, many ski shops aren't going to let their performance demos out the door to get rocked out.
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I also understand Snowjam got moved? any insights on that? Not that I would be participating but some birdie told me that they moved it from Mt Snow to Killington? scheduled for the week of Dec9-15
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Per our IM's...

Killington area: Turn of the River Lodge, bunks in the basement, like $15.00 a night.
The Inn at Long trail a little more up the ladder, but a great Irish bar w/ Guiness on tap.
Sugarbush/MRG: The Barn at Mad River Old world Vermont and you will get a tremendous history lesson from Betsy Pratt, the former owner of Mad River Glen. Besty can tell you about not selling to ASC and helping the locals buy the area. You are also w/in 1 hr. from Killington and Stowe and right next to MRG (which might not be open yet) and Sugarbush.
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If it's Sugarloaf, here's the place I have in mind to try out this winter. It's 15-minutes off-mountain but it looks like a really cool spot.
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I'll probably look at all of them as the time gets closer but early December I think means who has had cold nights to make snow. [img]tongue.gif[/img] re demos/rentals, do proforms take a long time? or if the shop has them can they just handle right away? and do you need to do at your home mnt/shop? Maybe I'll purchase some skis when I'm in boston and send them back? I guess I'll ask Mike this Saturday.
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DChan -

You helped me out during my bus trip this summer, now it is my turn to reciprocate.


From Boston it will take you 4 hours to get to the best ski destination in the east. I can't help you with the best place to stay, others here can. I can only help you find your destination.

I am giving you the honest opinion of someone who grew up in Maine having skied all of the best that the East has to offer. Nothing is even on the same page.

Do not be fooled by snow reports from the other areas. Sure Killington and Sunday River will always boast a deeper base, but in the East there is an awful lot of fudging that you will not find out west. For instance, a 18-80 inch base is common for Killington and Sunday River. Ask yourself, "How can an area with only 1700 vert have such a wide variance?" Snowmaking! It is the lifeblood of the East. So it is true that somewhere on the mountain there is a base of 80 inches where the snowguns have blasted for the past 25 days.

I am rambling now, and resrufacing old demons form my younger years...Look, go to Sugarloaf and have a great time. You are going in February, right????

Early December? Good luck!
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