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What resorts has the rudest employees.

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Ok on the other hand,what resort has the rudest employess.
I have been to a few, where the employess could care less about the paying public.
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And it's absolutely in my top three favorite places I like to ski. I go back multiple days every trip to Tahoe.

Great terrain = BIG "TUDE"!!!
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In my experience, Snowbird by far. The patrollers in particular.
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Originally posted by rustyedge:
Absolutely. I've sworn off Squaw once again. Who needs to spend that kind of money to be treated like scum?

You can't fault the employees. The company stinks from the head down. As long as Alex Cushing is still kicking and in charge, Squaw gets no more of my money.
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I have a lot of days at Snowbird and Squaw. You guys must be kidding... There are a dozen ski areas in the east that are an order of magnitude worse.

Killington & Mount Snow probably top the list. You have the convergence of the rude Boston and New York customer base, a parent comany that's in horrible shape with all sorts of arbritrary belt-tighening edicts throughout the season, and a really tight labor market where it's virtually impossible to fire someone since there are no candidates to replace them. Things tend to start out fairly friendly in November but by March, many employees treat the customer as the enemy.
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People can be rude where ever you go, that is except Disneyland. I have to disagre with AC.. I had a patroller ski right up to me,in Mineral Basin Christmas Eve 2000, during a whiteout while performing a ritual smoke-a-thon and he instructed us to have a nice day....there's nothing rude about that.

I guess that I've never been treated poorly at any Mtn. in the West.. Besides we're not there to judge somebodied people skills, I'm there to focus on turns and fun.
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My interactions with ski resort personnel usually consist of:

Me: "I'll have an all-day"
Ticket Girl: "ok"

Me: (nods at liftie)
Liftie: (liftie nods back)

Me: "When ya' gonna pull the rope?"
Patroller: "Soon"
Me: "Cool, I'll wait"

End of interaction. Begining of grin.

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I have to vote for Hunter Mtn, NY. Thinking of saying high to a Hunter employee? Fugetaboutit!
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Can't really think of any resorts that I have had bad experiences on large scale basis with. There will always be that punk kid coming off a late night binder, ski patrol with a power trip, and ski school instructor who thinks hes god, but never has an entire resort left me with a bad attitude. A resorts clients piss me off from time to time, but rarely their employees.

I did get cornered in Mineral Basin by a Patroller last season who was on a power trip. I was breaking a rule, but barely (entered control territory in a flat section 5 feet up from a control gate to pass some boarders). He was just a tool. Threatened to take my Alta/Snowbird Pass. Umm, yea, good luck with that.

In BobMc's style, I'll share a few of my conversations:

Me: Thanks for getting the mountain open today.
Ski Patrol: No problem, we love to do it.

(always thank the patrol)

Me to sexy female lifty: How you doin'?
Sexy female lifty: Leave me alone wierdo.
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Who cares about rude employees at the mountain. Have you seen the new "liftie of the month" in Freeze magazine? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! She could be the rudest person on earth, I don't care!
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